3/10/98 --  Grumble.  OK, I was in a really bad mood earlier, and now the CLICC lab is trying to get me back by freezing me to death.  It was hot today, and I actually sweated a little walking around campus, which is the first time that's happened in forever.  So I didn't bring a jacket, forgetting that I need one in the lab no matter what the weather is like outside b/c the fucking air conditioner is always set on forty degrees.  Fahrenheit, not Celsius -- that be like five degrees.  Or Two-hundred-seventy-eight degrees Kelvin. 
     About three weeks ago I finally got around to filing to collect the money that the UC Benefits had taken out of my paychecks and stuck into their stupid retirement plan called DCP (Direct Contributions Plan?)  They said it'd take 30-60 days.  Well, today it was in the mail when I got home.  Eight-hundred bucks, baby.  I'd actually garnered seventy-two in interest, but of course, they took out two-hundred for their own greedy little asses, and Uncle Sam's as well.  Otherwise, it'd have been a cool G.  So now I have some money to get my pager reactivated with someone else.  Cool.  I still don't have any power, but that's ok, because I have money.  See, threatening God with violence works!!!  Just gotta stand up to him!  I knew after all that Old Testament stuff that he was just a bully. 
     Lost in my rantings about what a pissy day I had yesterday was my fourth monumental discovery, one that isn't necessarily as bad as all the rest.  When I came back to Cali in December, I had lost 35 pounds in two months to get down to 178.  When I was living with Ray, and with Maya for the first three weeks, I ate and drank a lot more than I had in Florida, so I figured my weight wudda gone up a bit.  Maya said her scale was 5-10 lbs light, so I couldn't get a real accurate measurement -- it read 170-172 when I got on it.  So I moved out about two months ago, and hadn't weighed myself since.  I'd pigged out over the weekend, and was interested in seeing how much weight I'd lost/gained since I left Florida -- I figured somewhere plus/minus five pounds.  So yesterday I stopped by the Wooden Center and got on their big ole' scale, like the kind they use in boxing weigh-ins.  I got rid of all unnecessary weights, like shoes, watch, non-functioning pager, etc., and stepped on.  I put the big weight on 150, and the little weight on 30.  Klunk.  On 25.  Klunk.  On 20.  Klunk.  On 15. Teeter, totter, klunk. It finally balanced out at 14.  I weighed in, in jeans and a t-shirt, at 164.   
     I couldn't believe it.  I stepped off and set the weight at 0, and it balanced out.  I gathered my shit and began walking home, pondering my amazing weight loss.  I'd lost 15 pounds since I left Florida without trying.  I couldn't believe it, like I said.  I happened to run into Maya, and walked home with her to exploit her scale -- I wanted to see what it said, just to see if I'd lost weight since I lived with her.  When I got to her place, it read 155, 15-17 pounds lighter than it read when I lived with her -- I really had lost all that weight. 
     I still can't believe it.  I'm lighter than Paurno, and only seven or eight pounds heavier than Ramone, who's proud to admit he's gotten fat from drinking so much beer recently.  I'm lighter than Das, Phillio, and any other guy I know, for that matter.  When I started my diet in November and told my dad I wanted to get down to 170, he laughed and said "I'll get down to 170 before you ever will."  (He's about 5'8, 210).  Who's laughing now, hey muthafucka?  Well, he's got working lights, OK, but still. 
     I miss my dog.  When I think about Florida, I think more about that shoe-eating terror than I do about my mom.  How sad.  He's so cute.  I love dogs.  Dogs are awesome.  If you don't love dogs, you're going to Hell.   
     Oh yeah, I saw the freakiest thing today.  I was walking up the Powell Library steps earlier, and there was this dude sitting on the steps, talking to his friend.  I walked right past him, and just glanced down for no particular reason  habit.  He had a slightly chubby face, but I noticed that the area beneath his right ear looked a little odd.  It looked odd because it wasn't there.  The jawbone just in front of and below his right ear was gone.  It looked like a silver-dollar sized piece of bone had been taken out.  There was a lot of scar tissue, so I'm guessing he lost it in an accident, but oh man, it freaked me.  The jawbone fell off like a cliff, and the skin was pulled tight all the way to his neck; it I felt so terrible for him, because it must have hurt like fuck when whatever accident he incurred happened.  I've been thinking about it ever since.  Poor dude.  Normally I'm not one to harp on physical problems (I got enough of my own), but wow.  
     Whew, now I feel better.   Had to get that off my chest.  I even feel better about not realizing my Cosmology homework was due today, instead of its usual Thursday due date, and consequently not turning it in.
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