3/11/98 --  I'm on the verge of a nervous breakdown.  On top of the problems that have beset me in the last few days (namely, Short Bus taking his truck to Florida without letting me borrow it, my pager being disconnected right after I got it, and my power getting cut off), today three more problems reared their butt-ugly heads.   
     One, my Yahoo! mail account ain't workin'.  Basically, when I type in my password and submit it, I get "Invalid Password" messages.  The case is correct, the password is correct, the User ID is correct.  I dunno what the hell the problem is.  Furthermore, the on-line help isn't very helpful, so I just got done writing a not-so-short plea to tech support for help.   
     Two, when I came home today, Mark discovered that his old roommate ran up a $250 phone bill on his account, and he's got seven days to pay it before they cut off our service.  He can't get a hold of da bitch, and so consequently, I'm facing near-immediate phone service loss.  I'm going to wind up living like a caveman if I stick around.  Plus, fucking neither of us have heard word one from Stephan and the $1100 he owes for January's rent. 
     I talked a little with Mark, and we both had the same idea -- it's time to bail on our apartment.   Neither of us are on the lease; the third roommate, Ban, is the only guy on it.  I don't think I've ever recapped the history of my apartment, but lemmee try; last year, four guys, Ban, Nat, Bob, and Jared signed the lease for the apartment.  Jared never paid rent and disappeared, and Nat and Bob bailed to go to the co-op.  Mark and Stephan moved in, followed by me.  (This is the rough order of events).  So Stephan bailed in the middle of February, having spent the January rent that didn't go through b/c Ban sent his share of the rent to Stephan too late.  Furthermore, Stephan took over Nat's power bill, but PGE didn't know what the fuck to do with the check when they got it, since Stephan's name wasn't on the account. 
     So I've got a loss of power, a soon-to-be loss of phone service, followed by an eviction, (compounded by, but not related to, my sudden loss of e-mail and pager service).  And I'm not on the lease.  Ban wants me and Mark on the lease so he can just go down to PGE and have our power turned back on instead of paying the bill we have, which is what Mark and I wanna do.  Both of us think the apartment is jinxed, and now with Mark's phone problems, I'm getting paranoid.   
     I'm leaning heavily towards bailing ASAP.  I'd need help, of course, and have no idea how I'd handle Ban.  Not that he's much to worry about (what can he do?), but I do feel bad for him.  I had intended to stick around through June, when the lease runs out.  Keep in mind that I don't have a job, and my mom isn't gonna support me once school ends.  My history project is bearing down on me.  What do I do?  What would you do? 
     I'm gonna go talk to Maya; she's the only person around here that I can talk to face-to-face on short notice.  I figure it'll be more productive than getting hammered, which is my second option.  Plus, I'll pay her back the money I owe her.   
     Today's good news: my history project isn't due for two weeks, not one like I had feared. 
     Oh, my third problem of the day?  Only one comic book came in that I wanted (Iron Man #4).  So I bought that and another older one I was sorta thinking about buying.  Bad comic days always get me down.  I guess I'm sort of a comic book geek, again.  Well, I'm not too geeky.  Steve, who runs the register at my local store, he's a comic geek.  Or at least a Hulk geek.  I bought one innocuous back issue on Sunday, and he began a rant on the Hulk and what makes it great and who makes it bad and who should take over writing chores (He wants Tom DeFalco.  I'd like Warren Ellis.  But nevermind.)   I'd never call him a geek, though, because he's a 6'3, 235 pound muscle-bound weight trainer who served in the British army and could probably smash my newly-thin ass into the ground with his right bicep.  The same bicep that is clad with, of course, a giant green tatoo of the Incredible Hulk.  So I shant' be calling him a geek, or a stupid limey, or any other name, anytime soon.
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