3/11/99 --  Well, I could be doing better.  I skipped lunch yesterday b/c I filled up on cake from Lan's "The Deej-Forced-Me-Out-So-I'm-Leaving" party, and I just got really depressed after that and after e-mailing Marta, the weirdo receptionist from our other office.  She got paranoid and starting asking me what Akiyo told me about her and Coopy, the woman-beating gynecologist.  I lied and said nothing.  Then she got all depressed b/c Akiyo ignores her now and just hangs out with a couple of chicks from the Pitney Bowes copy service.  And then I got depressed, and Lan's party didn't help.

So I go home, stop by the pharmacist, pig out at KFC (where they give me great service b/c I'm a frequent customer -- I love Indians!), and then I went home and went to sleep at like 8:30.   Ray wasn't home, he was probably out boozing, so I really had no one to talk to and I usually don't feel like calling anyone when I'm bummed, so I called it an early nite -- again. 

Val's going off to Atlanta on Friday for two weeks, so I don't have to worry about her dumb ass until then!  I think she might have a new man in Atlanta.  Too bad he's not black.  Then she would never go back...to Los Angeles, that is.  Great, this nice person who only wants the best for me is now the object of my pent up passive-agressive scorn.  My lump of coal beats away...

Shit, I wrote something about the Tibetans and how stupid they are if they think that "confrontational" tactics are going to work against China, but then I erased it b/c I thought it was dumb.  <SIGH> Writing isn't coming easy today.  My number one reason for coming in today was to update this.  I'm lying in bed at 5:30, thinking, Today would be a perfect day to lie in bed all day depressed and unhappy.  Then I think Hmm, why doesn't somebody make french fry-flavored potato chips?  Then I thought, If I don't go into work today, stark raving mad will be blank again.  So I came in, only to find out that I couldn't muster up anything insightful or pointed, just depressing schlock. 

So instead I eat Reese's Pieces, M&M's, and a SuperSized Double Quarter Pounder with Cheese meal to make myself feel better.  Anyhow, that didn't work, so I'm gonna end today's lesson in self-misery and see if anything better comes along tomorrow.

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