3/14/98 --  My plunge into the never-ending abyss of drinking wussiness continues.  Last nite I went down to C-Town with Das and we went down to Ray's house.  Jimbo Kimbo and their wacky friend Farand (another Whitney High guy; he's going to G-Town law school), and we wanted to go drinking.  First I weighed myself in front of Ray to prove to him and myself that I really am 161 pounds (only five pounds heavier than Ray -- fat ass).  There was tornado watch in effect, which is a first for C-Town as far as I know.  So we drove around in the rain, looking for tornados.  Then we went to Cliff's, the local C-Town dive bar.  Fer some reason it was packed, so then we drove to Campus Billiards.  Das had diarrhea (cha-cha-cha), so he didn't wanna drink, and he and Jimbo bailed soon, and so me and Ray and Farand played pool and drank.   
     I drank a lotta Coors Lite.  I played awesome pool, too.  Well, awesome for me.  Really, just ask Ray.  I got really drunk really fast, cuz I was downing glasses of Coors Lite and hadn't eaten since two.  There was some cutie there with her boyfriend and a white couple, and Farand was working on trying to convince me that the asian girl's boyfriend was really her cousin.  Then he was trying to convince me that the four were "swingers", and that I should try and get in on that action.  Then he tried to convince me that she was part white, which is actually a turn-off for me -- I think most hoppa haoles aren't as cute as pure asians.  Yellow Fever.  By the end of the night (like around 2), I was really drunk and really trying to think of some way I could get wit dat girl.  Alas, there really wasn't a way, although when we were leaving the parking lot the girl and her friends were leaving, too, so I leaned out the window and yelled...something.  I honestly have no idea what it was, but you can what imagine some testerone-raging drunk would yell at a girl he'd been leering at all night.  Then I had to yak, so we pulled over and I yakked all over my shoes.  Ray got a foto of that and of Farand peeing.  (When I get it developed, I'll put it up.)  Das came by to pick me up, and then  he had to pull over a few times so I could yak out the window.  I also yakked on his car door, I think. Sorry, Das.   
     Needless to say, I woke up this morning feeling terrible.  My pager still works, so that's another problem I had that seems to have resolved itself.  My apartment problems remain, however.   I also lost my preferences disk yesterday and have to go and make all new bookmarks.   
     Go Bruins.  I try to keep sports here (a major interest in my life) to a minimum, but I figured we'd just get past da Hurricanes, and we did.  Michigan looks too tough, though.   
     I also think I'm going to be a full-time San Diego Charger fan now.  I was a hard-core nut for the Houston Oilers for a lot of years, from about 1987-1996.  I loved the team, the offense, and the players.  No team in football disappointed more, or broke it's fans' hearts as often as the Oilers.  When they slumped bad and junked the run-and-shoot, I lost some interest in the team.  When they announced they were going to move to Tennessee, I lost even more.  When they finally did move to Tennessee last year, I about gave up.  I put my heart and soul into that team (I used to be able to name everyone on the team, their number, their alma mater, etc.), but they broke my heart so many times that when they announced they were leaving Houston, it was like a girlfriend saying she was moving out.  I liked the Chargers, and used to go to their games with my dad, but the Oilers were always number one for me -- I must have seen six Oiler-Charger games, and maybe ten other Charger games combined.   
     But now the Chargers are starting over, with a new QB (most likely Ryan Leaf, who I like a lot), one of my favorite coaches (June Jones) has joined the team, and they aren't going to be moving anywhere soon, so I think I'll put my heart back into them, even with a GM whose lost his touch (Bobby Beathard).  I always liked Kevin Gilbride, too.  They're almost a run-and-shoot team, and it seems like a perfect fit as far as starting over.  LA isn't going to get a pro team for a long time, so I think I'll be a Charger fan.  Yeah.   
     I had intended this to me more than just a summary of last nite's events and a sports blurb, but it's starting to get a little late here and I have some other HTML crap I wanna take care of first, like working on this site, my Daredevil: Born Again site (yes Dave, a site about a comic book), and maybe a Dasmando page.  Lates. 
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