3/17/98 --  I've never cared for St. Patrick's Day.  It always struck me as just another stupid made-up holiday.  I never wear green, or wear some button saying "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" (even though I'm not).  Even when I started drinking, it's never dawned on me to go to a bar on March 17, b/c, well, it just seemed kind of dumb.  I have nothing against the Irish, I just don't care about it.  Maybe if it was a Korean holiday -- we could all wear red and blue and drink soju and wear "Kiss Me, I'm Korean" buttons.  Yeah.  Korea -- Asia's Ireland. 
     But today I'm wearing green and I'm gonna go drinking this afternoon.  Das is coming by in the afternoon to help me sneak o--err, move--over to Maya and Jenny's today.  I managed to suck up my courage and ask them if I could spend another two weeks there.  They agreed, but they don't want my money for rent!! AND they don't want my ramen, either!  I have so much ramen, the three of us could eat it day and night for the next two weeks.  And they don't want any!  I was so offended I almost said "The hell with it", but then I remembered life in a powerless, soon-to-be-phoneless apartment.  I feel so guilty about everything though; I just feel bad.  I feel guilty for making everyone put up with my lame-ass.  I feel bad for Maya and Jenny for making them put up with my ass for another two weeks (although it's not much of an ass anymore); I feel bad for Mark (roommate #1) cuz I know he's got nowhere to go; I feel bad for Ban (roommate #2) cuz I'm running out on him, too, and I've been avoiding him; I feel bad for my moms, cuz she's probably thinking what a couple of dinks her sons turned out to be; and I feel bad for Das -- no, waitaminute, he's getting beer out of this.  Hmm, that was an unclear transition -- Dave is getting beer b/c he's helping me move, and it's sort of a way to pay him back.  We're going to Maloney's (a local bar that is nominally Irish) to drink, so I might as well wear green.  Yeah, so fuck him, I don't feel bad about that. 
     All this guilt, it's like I'm a Jewish-Catholic.  Last year I quit eating pork and beef for a time, which sort of made me a Jewish-Hindu.   
     I gotta take Maya and Jenny out for sushi sometime, though.  Luckily, a new Todai opened up just a few minutes from here.  I've haven't had sushi since............(I'm thinking)........ok, I had some california rolls at this Korean restaurant's lunch buffet in Jville.  I know that hardly counts.  But hell, in Jville, it's probably gourmet.  Stupid rednecks.  To a 'neck, sushi is probably just biting the head off of a catfish they catch in the pond in their yard.  Rednecks are stupid. 
     I actually woke up this morning and thought it was comic book day.  <Sigh>  Nothing more disappointing than waking up thinking it's comic book day, only to find out it's just Tuesday.  Well, maybe if I woke up and discovered I was a redneck.  It's bad enough waking up every morning realizing I'm white.  
     CBS is bringing Unsolved Mysteries back to the air waves.  Good God, is that how unimaginative TV has become?  There are actually people pulling down high six figures to sit around in a meeting and say, "How about we bring back Unsolved Mysteries?"  Do they really think there are five or six people out there who are going to wanna watch Robert Stack narrate about bank robbers, the search for D.B. Cooper, and the Ghost of Jackie Gleason?  Christ, why don't you just bring back the Snorks on Saturday mornings? 
     Happy St. Patty's Day.  Cheers!
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