3/17/99 --  As a rule, work sucks.  When Lan left, that meant that there would be one less person to share the workload, so now there is more work for me.  Ergo, there is more suckage in my life right now.  It's 8:10 AM right now, and there is work from yesterday that I should be doing.  But since I don't actually start work until 9:00, I'm trying to ignore it.  Unfortunately, it's like being submerged in the Pacific and trying to ignore the wetness.  It's all around me.

Jimbo stops by last nite to pick up Ray, since they were all going to go to a cafe in Garden Grove Koreatown.  He invites me along with the words, "Asian Chicks!"  I tell him I'm tired and that I had to make a few phone calls.  "Asian Chicks!"  I tell him I just ate KFC.  "Asian Chicks!"  Finally Jimbo relents, but he makes me promise to write on my homepage how I turned down an opportunity to see Asian Chicks.  Actually, I wasn't too hopeful of seeing too many honeys in tight outfits with too much make-up on a Tuesday night in Garden Grove.  Still, since James is moving up North in about a week, I should have tried to spend more time with him.  He's a real decent guy -- the kind of guy my parents wish I hung out with more.  But fuck it,  I'm such an old man, I need my sleep.

I wish Paul wasn't such an asshole when he's at home.  His sister, Vivian -- now that's what I'm talking about.

I read about that Amtrak derailment in Illinois, and I'm thinking, "Wooo, that's why I don't ride trains. Any goober w/a semi could just park it on the tracks and we're dead meat.  You never hear about mid-air collisions with airlines in America."  Then I realized that I do take the train.  To work and back.  Every day. Through South Central, which is full of goobers w/bad driving records.

Plus, I live in Cerritos, which had an infamous mid-air collision about ten years ago.  "Magic 8 Ball, Will I die in a transit disaster"  Most Likely.GREAT.  When you hear about plane and train disasters in the future, check the list of the dead for me, willya?  And alert my parents.

I've had an itchy rash (are there any other kinds?) on my hands and feet for the past few days, and the skin has peeled off my finger tips.  I get this every now and then.  My dad said that it's usually caused by stress.  That's a shocker.  Jeezus, the undersides of my hands are really nasty now.  But look, at least there's no no hair. 

I've been a dick to Akiyo for the last week.  I'm not talking to her.  She doesn't know why.  But basically I realized that she's getting ready to move to New York, and when she does so, certain people aren't going to fit into her life anymore, like me.  And I need to get myself ready for that, so I'm trying to emotionally detach myself from her. 

This was all triggered by Lan's party; Akiyo didn't talk to me much, opting to talk to Duc and Weinerdude, who she says she hates, and then she didn't stop by to say "Bye," before she left.  I'm sure she wasn't consciously snubbing me, but it got me depressed enough to do some thinking.  I also had a brief e-mail conversation with Marta  which has led to my decision sorta finalized my decision.  I dunno, I've been depressed as hell recently anyway, so this fits into that pattern of behavior as well.

Speaking of dicks, for once I'm glad Ray doesn't have HBO, b/c it allowed me to miss that special they showed Monday night on penises.  They played some clips from it on KROQ yesterday morning; one of the highlights was a furry, sagging 65-year old man, buck naked, talking about his 2-inch "pee-pee".  Personally, I think being 65 and calling your jaj "my pee-pee" is worse than having your "pee-pee" be only two inches long. 

And personally, my take on my own penis is like this: to paraphrase Texas Senator Phil Gramm, I've got more jaj than I need, but not as much jaj as I want.  Of course, that's probably every guy's take, even Ron Jeremy.  BTW, jaj is the Korean term for dick, in case you're wondering.  See, I'm edukationshanul.  Maybe I could get Secretary Riley to give me a grant.

Today is St. Patty's Day.  Since I've quit drinking, this day now means nothing to me, just like Halloween and Arbor Day.  I'm not Irish, so there's no "Kiss Me, I'm Irish" buttons to wear.  They don't make "Fuck me, I'm German" buttons (I've looked).  And I don't have anything green in my wardrobe to wear to work, which is actually a good thing -- if you're a guy and you do have green businesswear, then you've got bigger problems than I do. 

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