3/19/98 -- Walking back to campus this afternoon, I was met with the faces of students headed the opposite way to their dorms and apartments.  After looking at a few females walking by, Ray's statement about getting some from ugly girls and why it's better than no girls popped into my mind.  I then began looking at every girl that walked by and mentally decided if I would have sex with that woman if it was the only chance I had.  My thought process was something like this:  "No...yes...yes...no...if i was a little drunk...yes...no....no...yes...hell yeah!...if i was really drunk...mmm, OK..."  I kept this up for several minutes until I realized I had a stiffy.  I then tried to change the mental subject in my head, but I couldn't!  I was stuck thinking about every girl I saw!  I tried again to think about something else, but my stupid woody kept reminding me about the subject at hand!  So I ducked into the bookstore to read the new Sports Illustrated, and hoped that I wouldn't think about the conditions under which that I would "do" Mark McGwire. 
     Maya and Jenny had this Fatburger coupon page sitting out last nite, similar to one I had clipped a few weeks back.  Last nite, I kept looking at it and looking at it.  I hadn't had Fatburger in forever.  Jenny asked if I was hungry, and I replied that I was hungry for Fatburger, prompting her to reply that she had never had any.  So at past midnight, we drove down.  Jenny got a Kingburger, and she ordered me a Double Kingburger (I was just considering a plain ole' Fatburger).  I couldn't believe she could finish a whole Kingburger, and I doubted my small-stomached body's ability to finish a double.  When we got back, I wolfed mine down in five minutes, and Jenny actually managed to eat all of hers. That was impressive.  She's not a big girl, and for her to eat a whole Kingburger...wow.  Shit, now I'm getting hungry for more.  Fatburger is a saturated fat Mecca.  There is nothing on the menu that is good for you -- bacon and egg sandwiches, chili dogs, chili cheese fries, milkshakes...Mmm, I can feel my arteries hardening as I type.  No, must resist!!  I swore that I wouldn't eat today until it was dark.  I felt like I had just eaten a cow last nite.  I must have been mooing in my sleep.  But mmm, Fatburger...(can you believe I recently considered a switch to veganism?  Neither can I). 
     You ever by a piece of clothing that you love, but then you don't wear it for a while, and the next time you do you kind of wonder if people will gawk in horror when they see you wearing it?  I feel that way right now (what a surprise!).  I had this bright-orange linen shirt that I bought last year on sale, and I loved the way it looked when I wore it with jeans.  It's really light (it's linen, after all), so you can't really wear it in fall or winter (and who'd wear orange in those months, anyway).  Anyhow, I'm wearing it now, and I just get this feeling that it's time has passed.  It doesn't sing to me the way it used to.  "Oh, Haole, you look just stunning in me!  You should wear me every bright sunny day!" is what it used to sing.  Now it's feels like it spent those cold months partying too much, and it needs to go into rehab, not be worn outside.  Sort of like Aerosmith in the early 1980s.  Maybe I'll take a picture of me in it, and when I get it developed I'll scan it and put it up and let you, the web-surfer decide for me, the insecure, eager-to-please dork. 
     Not getting much typing done on my history project, and I still got a long way to go.  After next week, it's all over for me.  I had the last lecture I'll ever have this morning.  I woke up late and didn't shower before hand, and then skipped out on the last fifteen minutes to avoid filling out one of those class evaluations.  Boy, I sure have changed from my first lecture, way back in 92' at Wazzu.  Japanese 101, I woke up early, showered, walked around campus, got to class fifteen minutes early...I'm sorry, I can't type anymore, I feel a flow of tears coming on... 
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