3/20/98 -- Continuing my recent prose about fashion, today I decided to wear my rarely-seen and amazingly shrunken "White People Suck" t-shirt.  I picked it up in Berkeley over a year ago, but rarely wore it, one because it shrunk from an XL to a medium after one wash, and two because, well, I'm surrounded by Bad Whitey.  Not that I fear Bad Whitey, mind you, just their annoying questions, like, "Why are you wearing that shirt?"  OK, I do fear some frat-boy built like a bricklayer putting one of his meaty hooks on me.  I never wore this in Florida, of course -- liberal gun-laws and stupid rednecks are not the environment this shirt is made to wear in.  I usually only wear this shirt out in public when I'm drunk or stoned and oblivious to common-sense.  I haven't been either of those two very often over the past few months (damn!), and so consequently, the shirt hasn't been worn at all.  Today I pulled it out and decided to wear it.  No one has said a word to me about it, either.  I'm not sure why; maybe college students are even more apathetic than I thought.  I like to wear it, though; it gives me a sense of hip anti-establishmentarianism. kind of like a Rage Against the Machine t-shirt that all the middle-class kiddies used to wear around here.  No white person one has ever stopped and said to me, "But you're white!"  while I've been wearing this, but if they did, I'd probably just say something like, "But white people do suck."  I wouldn't want to get into a debate with them, because I don't like prolonged debates with people I don't know (I'm an apathetic college student, too).  Some Filipina lady who saw me wearing this in Las Vegas once looked at this shirt, and then at her Bad Whitey husband and said, "Yes, they do."  Right on, brown sista! 
     Just got a page from Das (he's one of my hoes now).  He's gonna scoop me up in his G-Ride and we're gonna head down to C-Town to watch the Bruins get smashed--err, beat Kentucky.  I have faith in you Brandon Lloyd!  Wow, guess this'll be a shorter entry than I planned.  One of these days I wanna get on the meta-physical-philosophical tips, just to show that I can.  Not today, I guess. 
     One revelation that was made available to me yesterday -- everyone thinks that American girls are loose except for American men.  I wuz also given the word that Swedish women are down with whatever, though.  Damn, why aren't there any hot, anorexic Korean-Swedish girls out there?  Then I'd be scoring day and night!   
     Oh yeah, before I go, I'd like to pass along a revelation I made this morning after eating breakfast: DevilDogs and Spam do not a good, regular meal make.  Diarrhea, cha-cha-cha...
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