3/24/99 --  My little seminar on sexual harassment turned into a two hour exercise in trying to stay awake.  It was just like college -- plop me in a chair for more than 90 minutes and have me listen to someone gab about something that doesn't meet my standards of interest, and I start to doze off.  It was mostly secretaries in my group, and they hinted about someone in the firm who is guilty of looking women up and down, which they find offensive.  Beyond that, it consisted of watching the sort of low-budget educational films that aspiring actors hate doing but have to because they need the money. 

My journey into LA celebrityhood continues.  On Sunday night I called KROQ's Kevin and Bean Afro Line.  KROQ's morning show is hosted by two guys, Kevin and Bean, and they have a message service, called the Afro Line (323-520-AFRO), that allows listeners to tell jokes, provide requests, ask questions, burp, etc.  They play the best ones on the air.  So I called out of the blue, and when I actually got through to leave a message, I had no idea what to say.  So I said, "Hey, I think you should get that Lucy Liu chick from Ally McBeal on.  She gives me a stiffy."  Not great stuff, but hey, I'm honest -- I want to hear them interview Lucy Liu.  And she is pretty cute.  No, I don't watch Ally McBeal -- it's horrible.  But I saw an interview with her in Details where she was hearing these stiletto heels, and I nearly spooged right there.  I also  saw her in the previews for Payback.  Michelle complained to me that she didn't like the stereotypical character Liu played.  She's probably right (I haven't seen Payback), but damn, I wouldn't mind seeing more characters like her on TV.

So this morning I'm listening to them while I'm brushing my teeth, and they played it!  They agreed that it was a good idea, and told their producer to get her on.  Lisa May (the traffic girl) commented that the "stiffy" part was a little more information than she needed to know.  But hey, I'm happy -- first a website, then the LA Times, now KROQ -- I'm the King of LA Media!

Last nite I played basketball with Das.  He came down, and so I suited up and went out to the local courts with him.  I hadn't played in about six months, and hadn't played since I bought a new knee brace.  The brace is for an old knee injury that I got when I dislocated my kneecap in college.  Anyhow, we go to run with a bunch of Korean high school kids.  First possession -- they shoot, they miss, we get the board and immediately start to run a fast break.  I take two steps, or tried to take two steps,  only to find out that my left leg -- the one with the knee brace -- wasn't keeping up the pace.  I promptly stumbled to the ground, skinning my elbow, hip, and thigh.  After that inauspicious debut, I rebounded enough to smack the most athletic guy on the court in the mouth, which kept him under wraps until he got mad and tried to take over the game.  We still won, though.

But damn, I'm such an old man.  Those other guys ran all the time.  Despite my knee and bruised body parts, I was able to keep up, but still, it's nothing like college.  There, everyone is gorged out on pizza and beer that they don't run nearly as much on the court.  But these young dudes, damn.  Das, who used to play on the court ten years ago when he lived in Cerritos, said that the young guys today are so much better skilled than when he played. 

Great, we're at war.  Even though it won't solve anything long term, I suppose it is the right thing to do, rather than just ignoring it.  It's sort of like punishing your 14-year old for smoking; you've got to do it, even though he was doing it before and he'll do it again.  Oh well, we're just punishing Yugoslavia for what for the same thing white people did to the Indians in previous centuries.

Louis, Phil's NY buddy, formerly known as Lothar, now wants to be known as "Maverick."  Well, he is about as tall as Tom Cruise so it fits there, and balls as well as the Dallas Mavericks, so whatever, I'll call him what he wants.  But this from a guy I met once -- he and his NY crew were in LA a few summers ago visiting Phillio. Phil invited me out to see Batman and Robin with them, an otherwise forgettable movie if it wasn't so memorably bad.  I was stoned out of my mind, too -- I wanted to make a good impression on Phil's buds.

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