3/25/98 -- Taking 25 minutes outta my day here to tell you that Reggie White should join the KKK, except they won't admit his butt b/c he's black.. I was just reading that this sick-mind mutherfucker...holy shit, words do not describe what a racist bastard this guy is.  Jeezus, it's UNBELIEVABLE.  Muthafucker spent an hour in front of the Wisconsin legislature cracking on gays, and how the US has allowed it to run rampant.  Nothing new coming from his Holiness.  But then muthafucker said that each race is gifted at certain things. Among his assumptions, jeezus, they're too many and too stupid to name.   Check it out yerself here.  Apparently Reggie's got a degree in eugenics.  Or stupidity.  I'd say I'd beat the shit out of him, but then again, who am I kidding?  He's flick my head off my shoulders by snapping his fingers. And then tell me how organized I am because of my whiteness.   
     Other than that, I've had an interesting day in front of a computer monitor.  I figure I've spent about 40 hours in the last four days in front of a computer screen.  Today I brought my CDs and headphones with me.  I had the headphones plugged into the CD-Roms in the CLICC lab, I listened to my music and was able to adjust the volume.  Later on, when I plugged them into the CD-Roms downstairs, I was typing away when I took my headphones off to go to the bathroom, and noticed I could still hear the music perfectly well -- the sound was coming out of the speakers on the monitor as well as the CD-ROM, which I didn't notice b/c I was listening to it through headphones.  Luckily, there was only one other person in the lab, some girl working on a paper.   She was entitled to repeated listenings of Sarah McLaughlin (sp?), Mono, EPMD, and the Beastie Boys before I noticed my own personal brand of stupidity.  She didn't say anything; either she didn't want to, or is one of about four people in the world who find the above artists all make great study music.  Plus, the volume on the CD-ROM didn't work and the volume control on NT had been disabled, so I could only listen to em' at one volume -- very loud. 
     Later on, after I plugged in the headphones to the monitor (and cut out the external noise problem), this guy from my class wanders in from the Mac lab and sees my CDs. He notices my Straight out of Compton CD and begins to laugh.  "Man, I used to listen to this shit in the 5th grade man.  It's like elementary school shit!"  You have no idea how old I suddenly felt -- I first heard em' while I was a freshman in high school -- back in 88'.  It'd be like me telling someone listening to a Twisted Sister album or something, "Man, I used to listen to that in the 5th grade!"  And they're like, thirty-one or something.   I'd kick his ass, too, except he's a 6'4 chollo-looking sucker. 
     Reminds me of something that Mark once mentioned to me -- he was coming out of an arcade to kick this little kid's ass, when he saw the kid talking with the kid's huge chollo buddy, who'd been waiting outside.  He overhead the chollo say one thing to the kid, "...and then we beat up his mom!" and Mark walked right on past.  Nothing like someone who takes delight in beating up mothers to scare you outta of a fight.  
     I took a break at 2:30 to go down and buy my comics.  As I feared, I was too late to pick up Stormwatch #5.  My disappointment over that was mollified by the young individual I saw in front of the counter, rattling on to Steve (the Hulking Hulk Fan), who was sitting behind the counter trying to enjoy the new issue of Wizard.  This kid had the exact same voice as Eddie Deezen.  He was in War Games as Matthew Broderick's geek friend, and in a film called Midnight Madness, that was also Matthew J. Fox's first film.  I think he did some commercials, recently, too -- that's right, he did Taco Bell ads last year.  Anyhow, this kid sounded exactly like him, and if he dyed his hair black he'll grow up to look like him, too.  He must get picked on every day of his 6th-grade life.  This kid just rattled on and on about comic books and "taking crap" on AOL from Spider-Man fans he "pissed off"...sometimes I think I'm the only hip and cool comic book fan in the world (snicker).  Poor Steve wanted this scrawny lil' shit to go away so badly, but the industry being what it is, every comic store needs every customer it can get.  Poor giant Steve and his Hulk tattoo were powerless before this slur-crazy kid.  Would make a great comic book plot.   

     Ok, I'm back after a ninety-minute break to work on my project. It's all done, sorta, but I'm having a problem with one last stupid link.  Dumb frames.  I discovered that apparently I've lost some of the work I've done.  I'm guessing its because I save a lot on different computers, and then maybe I forget to upload some changes.  That wouldn't surprise me.  Oh well, so long as I pass, right?   
     I'm at a scanner station right now, and when I got here, there were these two dudes scanning in one guy's driver license.  I wonder what they're planning on doing, hmm?  Actually, I should have blackmailed them into revealing their tricks of the trade, and then gone into the Fake ID business myself.  I have no entrepreneurial ability whatsoever.  I can't even spell the word without a spell checker (but then again, who can?). 
     Ah! I've still only read two of the comics for today.  Gotta get home and finish em' up, final project done or not.  Priorities, man!   
     One more final at 8:00 in the morning on Friday, and then it's all over.  I don't care if I'm gotta be out of Maya and Jenny's or not: I'm getting annihilated on Friday.  I might wind up living on the street in Brentwood in a cardboard box, but I'm drinking on Friday.  Hook me up to a tequila and beer drip.  Tomorrow must study, then it's all over.   
  • "We don't have no beer, just tequila."
  • "What's tequila like?"
  • "It--It's like beer." 
     And besides, if I wind up homeless in Brentwood, at least their the cardboard boxes are probably nicer than the ones they have elsewhere in L.A.
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