3/27/98 -- I did it.  I finished my last final (first one to finish, too).  I graduate -- assuming I didn't bomb either my project or my final, none of which is extremely likely.  Or that the prof didn't fail me for letting out a "WOOHOO" as I went out the door.  I didn't think it'd feel this good.  But it does.   Yeah, I should graduate every day.  I guess I shouldn't be too proud -- it took me over five years, and it takes some people only three or four -- but it's just a gorilla off my back.  Yeah, Patrick Ewing's off my back now.   
     I  still don't know where I'm gonna be living past tomorrow, but I don't care.  Hopefully Ray will be stupid --errr--- kind enough to put me up.  But right now I really don't care.   I just wanna drink.  Or do something other than sitting here and typing. 
     So I guess this'll bring Phase I of my life to a close -- the school part.  Now comes Phase II -- the gettin' some part!!!  This also brings to a close Phase I of stark raving mad.  Like I said on the srm index page, I dunno how often I'll get a chance to update this bad boy.  Some time in the future I'll be back to updating it regularly.  Hopefully I'll get a chance to update it sporadically in the immediate future.  I gotta get some access to a 'pooter so I can do the e-mail thang, of course.  (In case it's not entirely clear, I access all this shit through the computer labs at UCLA.  Now that I've finished (hopefully) and gotta move outta Westwood, I won't have regular access to one for a while.) 
     First thing's first. I think I'll tell that stupid idiot who got all huff-and-puffy and e-mailed me b/c I fooled his white ass to go fuck himself first.  
     Ciao Mein.
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