3/3/98 -- Yah, I know I haven't been writing as much as I used to.  Hell, my personal pen-written journal hadn't been updated in a week.  That's what I get for driving around so much. 
     First, I wanna recap something I forgot to mention on my last entry; On Friday I was at the noodie bar (remember?  I do).  In order to exit, one has to go through this adult book store.  So I walk into the book store and look around for a second.  For most 24-year olds, looking at adult video box covers can only hold you attention for a few seconds, so I thought about leaving, but then noticed the hard core stuff -- leather goods and hard hard core porn mags.  I've never spent much time looking or thinking about this kind of weirdo crap, and figuring it might be interesting, I walked back.  After making a hand puppet out of the black leather "Gimp-like" mask, I wandered over to the super hard core mags -- this is stuff like S + M, bondage, etc.  That stuff has never piqued my interest, but I did see one mag on tickling.  So I'm flipping through this mag on tickling, and I realize after a few seconds that looking at pictures of naked women being tickled isn't very stimulating.  I then suddenly hear a voice addressing me from behind.  I had no idea what the person said, so I turned around and said "Excuse me?"  There was this white dude there, gray hair, balding -- maybe mid-40s -- with glasses and a black shirt on, and he repeats his earlier inquiry -- "Do you want to get blown?"   
      I nonchalantly replied "Naaahh", like I was turning down a free cookie, and went back to my tickling magazine.  Needless to say, it was a weird experience.  I've never been, uh, propositioned like that before. Poor guy.  I didn't wanna freak out and scare him off and make him feel worse about himself.  I guess I see asking for gay sex in an adult book store as being pretty low.  To an extent, I guess he's lucky that I'm not a homophobe, cuz I easily could have kicked his scrawny ass around Inglewood.   
     So besides gay sex, what else has been a topic in my life?  Oh yeah, I got me a pager.  I know I was missing too many calls because of my roommate being on-line during every waking moment (I hate people like that!  Don't you?), so I went down to Econopage with Ray and picked up a pager.  Naturally, Michelle tells me yesterday that Econopage is bankrupt, so that's nice to know.  Maybe I should become a drug dealer.  Yeah, dealing drugs through the Santa Monica Blue Bus routes.   
     Speaking of crime, some armored car thieving redneck was busted for stealing $17 million and hauling his ass down to Mexico.  He got busted because his co-conspirators moved out of their trailer park and bought a $600,000 home, BMWs, breast implants, and such.  They also conspired to kill his ass and take his money.  Wow, with friends like that...whatever, rednecks are stupid.  They should all be shot.  Rednecks, that is, not just stupid armored car employees and their friends. 
     Oh yeah, I left my backpack in Ray's car on Saturday, so I didn't have it on Sunday, and I needed it b/c I had a mid-term Tuesday (actually, like an hour ago) and so Ray came by to drop it off before work.  I  woke up a few minutes late, and ran down to see if he was there.  He wasn't so I went back up stairs, and started to take a poo when I heard the intercom buzz.  I ran out, with my underwear around my thighs, and then jumped into the elevator because I wasn't wearing any shoes.  The broke-ass elevator stopped at every damn floor, picking up no one, and by the time I got downstairs Ray had left.  I wasn't wearing any shoes, nor did I have any contacts in, nor did I have my keys.  I managed to weasel my way back upstairs  after a few minutes, but realized I had to take the bus down to Culver City to pick up the backpack.   
     Instead of sitting down to study yesterday evening, Michelle called and wanted to know if I wanted to have dinner with Ha Ly, who was a friend of ours from back in the dorms that Michelle kept in touch with.  I didn't know Ha Ly that well, and I figured I wouldn't be terribly missed if I didn't go, so I said I had to study (which I did have to do.  Really).  After 30 seconds, though, Michelle talked me into going, so we all went down to this Japanese restaurant in Little Sawtelle.  Ha Ly, now a well-outfitted employee of Sprint, paid for all of us.  So after that phat meal, we went back, chilled, and then Ha Ly left and I had to study.   
     So today I had my mid-term that was hella easier than expected, and now I'm here.  Ray gave two big thumbs up to Good Will Hunting so now I feel like I gotta see it.  I was supposed to have seen it last Tuesday, but I flaked on it to work on my history project.  Now I'm dying to see it, and I gots no one to see it with.  Ray recommended seeing it with a chick, which further reduces my options.  Heh, Ray and I actually discussed films we cried at -- for both of us, the last time we bawled at a film was when we were like six -- him for The Champ, and me for The Fox and the Hound. 
     Some time soon I'll try and clear some thoughts outta my head.  Peace. 
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