3/30/99 -- Y'know, one thing that most kids hate more than school is cleaning their room.  If you gave a kid of choice between going to school or spending all day cleaning his room, the little snot would probably choose to go to school.  I guess that part of being an adult means that your attitudes towards life change from when you were a kid.  So yesterday, rather than going to work, or doing something fun on my day off,  I stayed home and spent the day cleaning my room.

I had wanted to go the Japanese-American Cultural Museum, or whatever the hell it's called, in Little Tokyo, but I slept in and decided to clean up instead.  I boxed up all the books I had lying around, vacuumed, through away all the little itsy bits of trash that accumulated from CD wrappings, beer cans, and receipts of ill-advised purchases, and did six loads of laundry (seven if you count my dry cleaning).  Plus, I finally hooked up my VCR and put away my CDs.  I've got way too many CDs, and I bought the Lock, Stock, and Two Smoking Barrels CD to add to my collection.  It's really digable, and has some sound clips ala the Pulp Fiction soundtrack ("I don't care who you use, so long as they're not complete Muppets."). 

When I told the boys how I told Sharon that the Eclipse I rented was mine, they're unanimous response was, "Awesome, that's the kind of shit people should do more often."  Not exactly the harsh condemnation I was looking for, but then again, these are the same people who give praise for drinking a bottle of tequila and then missing work the next day. 

Too bad Sharon wasn't in town next weekend, while Ray and his mom are off in Korea; I could tell her that the house was mine, too.

Farand is in town on spring break from law school.  He's looking for a job. I told him to contact my firm.  No, I really don't hate him that much, it might just seem like it from that example.  My firm got a low score from associates on "interest of work" in a major survey.

Put up a new edition of useless Haole Trivia.  Enjoy.

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