3/5/98 -- Just watched Citizen Kane on video.  The little Turner Classic Movie guy was talking about how it's considered the greatest film of all time, which I've heard before.  I dunno, maybe it's because I don't go for old films, or I don't know much about William Randolph Hearst (who it's loosely based on) but I didn't see what was so fantastic about it.  It was a pretty good story, but that was it.  I stuck around to watch the special TCM feature at the end of it that featured famous directors talking about the film, and why it was so great.  Basically, Orson Wells used a lot of different camera techniques that were pretty new for the time.  Still, it wasn't all that.  I like The Lion in Winter a lot more.  Hell, I liked Wells' last film, Transformers: The Movie better than Citizen Kane, his first.  Well, it was more enjoyable, anyway. 
     Last nite I saw this screenwriter, Phil Alden Robinson give a one-hour talk on the art of screenwriting.  Robinson had written the screenplays for Sneakers and Field of Dreams.  I was invited by Maya and her roommate, this movie nut named Jenny.  Well, that's not a very good way to describe someone, I guess -- "a movie nut named...".  Let me try it again: I was invited by Maya and Jenny, her roommate, who is a movie nut.  (There, that's better).  It pretty interesting, although not as interesting as seeing Jenny's fellow screenwriting classmates, the average age of whom is around 40.  I swear, I've never been in a room with so many people going through mid-life crises before.  Afterwards, to celebrate Jenny finishing her screenplay, we went down and had dinner and a few beers at WBC.  I am such a drinking lightweight now.  I've gone from being a light heavyweight, or maybe a super middleweight, to a lightweight.  A double-pint and another beer later, and I was buzzing but good.  We walked down to see The Wedding Singer afterwards (and so I could finally repay the movie I owe Maya), but Maya, err, the Daily Bruin had gotten the time wrong by thirty minutes, so we got there even after the box office had closed.  So then we walked all the way back to her place, Jenny and I had another beer, and we semi-successfully prevented Maya from doing her math homework by talking about high school and relationships.   
     I definitely should get my head out of my arse when it comes to high school.  I realize every one can now fully appreciate how pathetic much of my mental workings truly are (see previous entry for proof), but I'm still rooted in high school and how I feel I fucked it up.  And now I'm fucked up because of it.  Stupid Haole, be more smart! 
     I should be working on my stupid history project, but of course, I've now lost the rather comprehensive list of LA Times articles I'd compiled relating to my project for the 1990s aspect of it.  So now I'm procrastinating on it yet again.  I've reserved a scanner for 9:00, and right now it's 7:30, so maybe I'll run over to the library for an hour or so and get some microfilm copying done.  HOPEFULLY.  Shit, I just started to e-mail Sharon.  Ick.  And there's something else I wanted to write about in here, but I can't remember.  Fuck my duck.  Well, I'll put this up and maybe I'll remember while I'm at URL. 
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