3/6/98 -- Got cabled hooked up this morning.  One of Mark's weird friends did it for $30.  This dude was super-hyper.  Mark was telling me that he got some medication for something, and tried shooting up.  Weird and hyper and stupid.  This might not be the best time to get cable, but what the hell.  At least now I can watch my South Park.  Ooh, and Spawn, too, when it comes out in May.  And ESPN, ESPN2, Classic Sports... 
     Maya gave me a little dream journal as a delayed birthday present (I hadn't seen her in a long time, so she couldn't give it to me sooner.  Heh).  I can never remember my dreams, even though I often wake up with the vague notion that they were really cool.   I figured it might be a waste if I wake up and can never remember what the hell I dreamt about, but this morning I woke up after dreams twice and wrote em' both down.  They weren't really cool; just weird, like everyone else's dreams.  Also, I now have, like, four journals -- this on-line one, my dream journal, my pen-written personal one, and my creative writing journal, that I've neglected as of late.  If only I had the talent to match my writing output. 
     Michelle had wanted me to submit some writing samples to this web site she edits for, 2wist.  Alas, even though I'm not working, my job search and history project (which I HAVE started working on, thank you very much) are now beginning to occupy my time.  <Sigh> When opportunity knocks, I run the other way. 
     Last nite after I got back, I went for a run.  One thing -- it was raining.  I didn't care, though, I used to run in the rain in Jville.  I probably wouldn't have gone for one last nite, but for lunch yesterday I had two packs of ramen and two DevilDogs.  Mmmmm, DevilDogs....but I was feeling guilty, so I skipped dinner and then went for a late run.  People looked at me like I was strange.  Yes, I'm running at midnight on a Thursday in the rain.  What's so unusual about that?  Some people.  Humph. 
     Got some cool Fatburger coupons in the mail.  Wish Das would give me a page so we could go get some.  Das is a burger buddy.  Yeah I know, a Kingburger is a mecca of saturated fat, but hey -- I skipped lunch today, too.   
     Ugh, stupid Netscape just crashed, and I lost the e-mail I was writing to Sharon.  Gotta start all over with that...damn, thinking about Fatburger's made me realize how hungry I am.  Burger Buddy better call, like, now.  Maybe during my free time this weekend I'll make a few changes to my little site here.  But for now, I can't write when I'm hungry, so I guess I'm out of here... 
PS -- Go Bruins
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