3/7/98 -- Ick, I am so disgusted with myself.   Actually, I'd probably be more disgusted if I wasn't freezing my goddamn fingers off.  I never realized how frigorific conditions can really make typing difficult.  I woke up hella early this morning, and after showering, it seemed like it'd be a real nice day, so I decided to go out in a T-Shirt and shorts.  Well, it is a beautiful day out; problem is, it's cold as hell.  Not that Hell is cold, but if it was, it'd feel like this.  Brrr!  So much for sitting out in the sun.  And it's colder in this stupid CLICC lab than it is outside!  Not including wind chill, of course. 
     Oh yeah, I'm disgusted with myself because of last nite.  I decided to save my money and not go to the driving range (and probable bar-hopping later), so I decided to sit home and watch TV.  Oh, and drink beer.  Hanging out with Maya and Jenny on Thursday made me really wanna drink more beer, so I decided to indulge myself.  I bought a 40 of Magnum, drank that, ate a DevilDog and some Ben and Jerry's, walked down, got a pint of Corona, drank that, and ate another DevilDog.  It was an amazingly typical TV night -- Fast Times at Ridgemont High, college basketball, SportsCenter, and the History Channel.   Like reliving old times.     
     I fell asleep around 12:30, and woke up at about 6:45 AM.  That's hella early for me, BTW, especially on a Saturday.  No hangover or anything.  But I wasn't in the mood for a run, which is what I need after last nite's calorie-fest.  
     I have no idea what I'm doing with myself, or rather, what I will be doing with myself in a few weeks.   All you innuendo-making pervs can stop snickering now.  Assuming I finish my history project, I won't have a job, and won't really have much time to look for one during the next few weeks because of the immediacy of my history project.  A range of ideas have gone through my head: 
  1. graduate, and then keep having mom support me while I look for work
  2. take Scott's truck and head up North to live (with what money?)
  3. move to Hong Kong (with what money x 2?)
  4. move back to Florida
  5. jump off of Royce Hall and go down in the annals of UCLA history as the guy who killed himself the day he graduated
All of the above have drawbacks, besides the money shortage I pointed out for two and three, and all but the last will involve looking for work.  I'm sure my mom would help me out with the fourth option, although that's the least desirable.  Yes, less desirable than number five.  I don't wanna go through and list them all, because I'm tired of reading about my stupid problems.  I gotta go poo.  Be back in a sec. 
     You know, I read once that the most commonly used stall in the bathroom is the one furthest from the door.  If you walk in heading south, then the stall that is located furthest to the north is the preferred choice of most people.  Now, I would think, based on that, that the least used stall would be the one located nearest to the entrance.  And therefore, the cleanest.  So from now on, that's the stall I'm going to use in public restrooms.  I realize my logic is fallible, but it makes sense to me. 
     Oh yeah, all you pervs out there should go check out the pics I stole outta GQ of those cute lil' Ahn sisters.  Pic 1 and Pic 2.  Russell Wong fans can bite me.  OK, they can whine and maybe I'll scan one in.  Can't believe he's going to be the new Charlie Chan.  He's such a bad actor.  Actually, like it matters.  My mom is a huge fan of the old series, with some white dude playing Chan, and when I was in Florida, she spent a whole day watching and recording a Charlie Chan marathon on cable. 
     A Daredevil: Born Again homepage on Geocities is my next lil' project.  I uploaded nearly three megs of graphics onto my site yesterday, but haven't gotten around to do anything else on it.  For those of you none comic book geeks out there, Daredevil: Born Again is a fantastic seven-part story by Frank Miller and David Mazucchelli that came out around 1987.  It's essentially tears down the superhero Daredevil, putting him through the worse hell I can imagine anyone going through, and then letting his innate humanity and nobility give him the strength to start his life over.  It's probably the most inspirational comic book story I've ever read.  It deserves it's a tribute, and damn it, I'm going to give it one. 
     I gotta get something accomplished today.  When the UCLA/AZ game?  1:00.  OK, then I should get going.  Lates.
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