3/8/99 --  Last nite was the first nite since last Wednesday that I was able to fall asleep in my bed when I wanted to.  It was only 8:30, but seeing as how I'd passed out on or by a couch the four preceding days, I'll take it as a moral victory.  Damn side effects.

I successfully managed to kill a weekend getting nothing done.  I exercised ($140.00 running shoes are worth it), I watched movies, I got a haircut, I read, I ate, I slept.  I told my parents I looked at cars, but I  wasn't exactly being totally honest with them -- I did look at cars, but in newspaper ads.  I wasn't in the mood to trek out to the Cerritos Auto Square just to be hassled by styling gel-addled dopes who wanna sell me cars that I can't afford at the moment. I have to wait and see how much (if any) my mom can lend me, first. 

8mm was pretty good, at least worth $4.50.  I lost my keys while watching it (or somewhere at the mall), so in retrospect, maybe it wasn't worth it.  Anyhow, people say it's a disturbing film.  I dunno, if you find 8mm disturbing, then either you're a prude or you've led a very sheltered life.  It actually reminded me of Ellroy's The Black Dahlia; an anonymous dead girl, the underground LA sex scene, and millionaires and their deviant behavior.   They don't call em' "filthy rich" for nothing.

Analyze This, on the other hand, wasn't very funny, outside of what you might have seen in the commercials.  Das made the comment that I'm not the sort of person who would enjoy Billy Crystal's humor.  I'm still not sure how I should take that.  Is he implying that it's too smart for me?  That I'm not Jewish enough?  Anyhow, I didn't find it very funny.  Robert DeNiro's cool and all, but making a gangster into a sympathetic, comedic character is too much for any actor.  I wanted to leave, but stuck it out so that I wouldn't feel like I wasted $7.50. 

Roberto Benigni is one of our firm's clients.  So is (or was) Stanley Kubrick.  A mixed bag for us this weekend.  Not that I really care.  Well, I liked the three Kubrick films I've seen, but it's not like it's going to make a difference to me.  Shit, now I'm starting to think like a lawyer.  I've got to get out of here.  Any job where every morning I have to hand out "new complaints" to attorneys just is not for me.

Wonderful, Duc came in.  My placid morning has been ruined as it always is by his arrival.  He's a whiner and a complainer.  And he talks to himself, constantly.  And sings, too -- badly.  And he burps and sneezes and yawns, all so very obnoxiously.   Every morning he gets paid to eat his dry cereal -- loudly. 

Why is it that I have no problem seeing the people in my life that I don't want to see, and the people I do want to see are so hard to get together with?  Is that an amendment to Murphy's Law?  Haole's Amendment?  Stupid Val keeps e-mailing me.   She wants to hang out with Maya and I for her birthday.  She went to Europe for a year, and I never wrote her.  She went to China for a year, and I never wrote her.  You would think she would get the hint and leave me the hell alone.  But nooooooo, she needs friends.

So do I, for that matter, but I'd like to have interesting ones. 

Ray's going to Korea with his mom in early April.  He also gets to go to Japan.  Lucky bastard.  He sits around and does nothing b/c of his broken arm, and then he gets to go on vacation.  All b/c he graduated.  What the hell did I get when I graduated?  I got to live with Ray and his mom!  Argh!  And then the bastard goes to Vegas again this weekend.  Well, actually just to Primm (a casino town on the stateline border) with 9 other guys who are there to play golf.  He's there to lose money.  And I'm here to explain to his mom that, "I dunno where he is."

Jimbo Kimbo got a new job up north.  Gee, it must be nice to have career options.  Winston headed up there last November.  He's got a job and he's getting some.  Philly started getting some and gettin paid after he left in DC.   Michelle's in NY, and Akiyo's heading there and she's getting some.  Maya's probably relocating outside LA.  Argh, that means the only people left in LA are going to be those that aren't getting paid and that aren't scoring. 

What does this say about me?

I am cranky this morning, aren't I?

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