3/9/99 --  I went to lunch planning on coming up with some topic that could make this slightly interesting.  I walked down to the 7th Street Food Court hoping that a glimmer of inspiration would come to me and I'd have something to blab on about here for the remaining 25 minutes or so of my lunch hour.  Walking back after finishing a chicken caeser salad (w/a yummy wheat roll on the side), I strained my brain to find a subject that could possibly be enlightening to me or interesting to you, or whoever "you" are.

I failed.  So mebbe I'll try to do something a little unusual -- mebbe I'll try total stream-of-consciousness writing.  Although I don't think it'll work...

Joe Dimaggio's dead.  Everybody says so, and the papers say he's so modest.  What's so modest about an asshole who demanded to be called "The greatest living baseball player"?  What a fuck.  Fucking New Yorkers think they and their fucking sports teams are Allah's gifts to mankind.

We have three colors of paper here at my office, besides white -- yellow, pink, and green.  Those are three of the namby pambiest colors around.  I guess anything more severe would make the text hard to read.  But still - pink?  Maybe Duc was on the advisory committee to buy paper.  Heh. 

I'm so into water now.  It's stupid Akiyo's fault.  When I first started talking to her and telling her how much soda I drank, she freaked out and started telling me to drink water and not soda.  So I did, and I have.  Of course, last nite I had a can of Pepsi.  I figured it would wash down the 12 Soft Batch chocolate chip cookies Ray's mom had out.  Hey, I left about 13 there for someone else to eat.

Speaking (or thinking) of Akiyo, she might be out here tomorrow for Lan's "going away party".  Whatever, it's more like "The Deej Forced Me Out Celebration".  The Deej is such a bitch. And Duc is such a weasel.  And a rat.  And every other rodent out there.  And a few marsupials, too.

LL Cool J has been accused of assault.  I don't know any other details, but what rapper hasn't been arrested by now?  Fucking police.  Goddamn corrupt assed bastards.  They're out to save their own asses, just like the rest of us in the working world, except they have the power to really fuck people over.  When I want to kill time at work, I can do this, or e-mail, or walk around the building, or take a dump.  What do cops do?  Hassle minorities.  Power corrupts.  Hey, if I was a cop, I'd be corrupt, too.  I wouldn't hassle minorities, but I'd probably do everything else -- graft, false reports, etc. 

Yesterday, a package arrived for Weinerdude.  He usually gets software updates here, so I opened it up to check it in.  It was a Rotato fruit and vegetable peeler.  "From Apples to Zucchini, Rotato adjusts for any size!"  Weinerdude's reaction when I gave it to him: "Oh, it got here fast!"  Yes, the postal service makes an extra special effort for dorks like you, Weinerdude.

Man, I 'm never gonna get any.

I guess Ray and the boys got back from Primm.  I was asleep when he got back.  I have a feeling he'll lie to me when I ask how much he lost. 

Need to get a job where there are more cute women and less annoying freaks.  Those kinds of jobs don't advertise, though. 

Y'know, sticking your finger in your ear and wiggling it around produces a really interesting sound. 

OK, that's it.  Gee, it looks just like one of my regular entries.  Guess this isn't the best medium to trace stream-of-consciousness thoughts.  Smoking weed and babbling is much better.  Later.

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