4/1/99 -- I always bug Farand about his name whenever I see him.  And, c'mon, it's a really fucking odd name.  He says his parents picked it out of a book.  I did an Amazon search for "hellish names for children", and came up 20,001 Names for a Baby.  Betcha dollars for donuts "Farand" isn't one of them.  I guess I feel sorry for him, cuz I know all sorts of people have asked him about it during his life.  He says it means "Iron Gray Hair", and assuming he's not fucking with me, which he's prone to do, it's still a weird ass name for a kid.  An Excite search turned up French and Bosnian entries, so maybe it's one of those sorts of dumb ass names. 

Yesterday Ray meant to call Das at home, but he dialed the wrong number -- he dialed Albutt's place by mistake.  They aren't even in the same area code. He realized this when the phone started ringing, but then someone answered the phone.  It was Das -- he was at Albutt's place, drinking.

I mention this b/c I had a similar experience today -- sort of.  (Warning, here comes what passes for an interesting library anecdote)  An attorney had me check out five volumes of the New York Jurisprudence 2d for him out of the LA County Law Library last Thursday.  We returned it Tuesday b/c it was overdue, and I went back yesterday to check them back out.  However, one volume wasn't there.  I called the County Library this morning, and they said it was checked out.  So I start calling around to other law firm libraries, to see if they might have the New York Jurisprudence set instead.  None of them did.  I was ready to give up and walk over to the attorney and apologize, when I glanced down and saw a firm on the list that I hadn't called yet.  The librarian had a Korean surname, so I thought, "Hmm, maybe she's cute.  I'll call her and see if she has the set in their collection."  So I call, and find out that they don't have the set,  BUT that they are the culprits who checked the one volume we needed out of the County Library.

OK, so now you no why I don't talk about work more often - this is what passes for an interesting story.

I also played an April Fool's joke on Akiyo -- I e-mailed her during lunch and gave her a big list of obscure cases cites to copy by 3:30.  I left the client/matter identifier as "Kyoo/Bangusetsu", which translates to "Today/April Fool's Day".  She didn't notice that, and called back here all worried, since there was no way she's have time to do it all.  When I said "April Fool's!", well, goddamn -- mothers were covering their children's ears for miles around.  What a potty mouth.

See, this is what passes for library hijinks.  Be grateful if you're unemployed.

Well, shit, I couldn't finish this in time.  Not that I had anything brilliant to say.  Off to the Beverly Center with Ray...

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