4/12/99 -- Maybe my medication is working.  What seemed to be an ordinary weekend turned into a fairly enjoyable experience.  Did nothing as usual on Friday night, except watch bad TV and wish that I was doing something.  Saturday was cool, though.  Well, it felt cool compared to Friday nite, so it's all relative.

I met up with Akiyo for lunch at Louise's in Brentwood.  It was a pretty fucking enjoyable experience for me -- I had a good meal (clams) and a good conversation with an object of my desire.   Even though she needed to pick up her brother so they could go to the Camarillo outlets together, she stayed thirty minutes after we paid the bill to chat.  Of course, we chatted a lot about work, but it was still dope for me -- we could have chatted about anal fissures and I would have enjoyed it just the same.  The most amazing thing was that I bought her a dozen doughnuts from Krispy Kreme (cuz I now she loves em' but they're too far away for her to go very often), and I didn't eat a single muthafucking one.  Who's the man?? (Haole's the man!!!)

After that, Das came down to Cerritos and we sat around and played NBA Live.  He drank Blatz Lite, which is essentially water with some Schlitz thrown in for taste but is really cheap  (two 12-packs for $7!).  We always play so that the loser has to ingest something, and since I don't drink, I agreed to smoke an unfiltered Camel.  I quickly lost and began to smoke my Camel.  Lemmee tell you, the Great Chicago Fire produced less smoke than that Camel did.  I barely managed to finish half of it, and considered it a success. 

Anyhow, after Das got surprisingly buzzed after six or seven Blatz's (he got Blatzed), Jenny paged me.  She had just moved back into Maya's apartment after Maya's old roommate moved out to go live with her boyfriend in Washington.  She was bored and drinking by herself.  I've learned that drinking by yourself is not a particularly good thing, so Das and I went up to hang out with her. So we sat around and watched bad TV and Austin Powers (for the fifth time for me), while Jenny and Das drank.  It wasn't particularly exciting, but here's the highlights:

  1. Das managed to repeatedly insult Sam the Limey (who stopped by even though he's sick) by referring constantly to Sam's Englishness, until Sam left.
  2. Jenny threw up at least three times
So it wasn't Mardi Gras.  But it beat sitting at home and, uh, beating off.

Das stayed over on Saturday nite after dragging my tired ass back to Cerritos.  On Sunday we sat around and ate doughnuts and pizza, and I slept a lot and Das watched the Masters and basketball.  (When we called Little Caeser's, they said one of their specials included a free coupon for a medium pizza.  What they didn't mention is that the coupon is the entire top half of the pizza box.  So now I have this 3x1.5 foot grease-stained piece of cardboard in the kitchen.) It rained all day, so I couldn't really do much, regardless. Then Das left and I still slept.  So I, uh, slept a lot.  And I forgot to wish James a happy birthday and send him some shit.  I got his address from Ray before he left, but I seemed to have lost it -- I'm getting more and more like Ray every fucking day.  So James, if you're out there, Happy Birthday, and I'll send you some shit, uh, someday.

BTW, I spell donuts d-o-u-g-h-n-u-t-s when referring to Krispy Kreme's, b/c that's how they spell it.  I learned that it's this way b/c Krispy Kreme is big and rich and can afford the whole word on their sign, whereas most smaller places spell it d-o-n-u-t-s to save money on sign space.

And there's still a big hole in the ground in front of the fucking house.

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