4/13/99 -- Back when marijuana was an acceptable fashion statement, I used to see lots of people walking around with pot leaves on their caps.  Of course, most of those people were around UCLA, but still -- I used to see it more often.  Now the only people I see wearing them are diminutive Latino immigrant workers.  I think maybe they get em' from the sweatshop wear their wives work.  Either that, or there's a whole lot of bud smoking going on among guys who have to use public transportation.  Hey, that describes me!  Well, not anymore. (The bud smoking part, that is, not the transportation part.)  Ray called from Korea and told me he read an Aerosmith biography that was all about drugs.  He thought I'd like. 

Also saw another ad today for hemp-based shampoo.  I wonder if you get the munchies while in the shower.  You could order a pizza before you hop in, and then by the time you get dried off and you're fiending for some junk food, it comes at the door!  Yeah!

Y'know, my dad comes from a family of eight or nine kids.  He spurted out four himself (that we know about).  And yet, my bro and I haven't managed a single one.  Some job I'm doing passing along the gene pool.  Not that I'm in any hurry to have kids -- I hate the bastards so much I probably don't want any -- it just seems odd that we've been so bad at carrying on a family tradition.  <SIGH> Something else I've failed at, hee-hee.

"Hee-hee" isn't very manly.  "Heh" is better.

Shit, it's the middle of April and I have no idea what I want to do with my life, other than gettin' some.  And I don't think THAT provides much of a pension plan.  I wrote in my 1999 resolution list that I would figure out the next step in my life, career or education-wise, by May.  Fuck.  I guess I have some interest in getting into Web Management/Design (can't you tell by this masterpiece of HTML and Java?), but that requires a) a computer, b) schooling, & c) intelligence, and I'm lacking a, b, & c.  Plus, a & b also require d) money.  So I'm four letters of the alphabet away.  It could be worse -- what if there was an o, or a p?  That might apply to gettin' some, though... p) make sure you've perfected your breathing control so you don't cum first, q) find a place to do it...

You know, TV can be really depressing.  Last nite I alternated between a documentary on the ER at Cook County Hospital on the Discovery Channel, and NYPD Blue on FX.  The Cook County Hospital thing was all about the violence that plagues inner city Chicago and the victims of it that come into the ER there.  NYPD Blue had a mentally immature black girl sucking four white guys dicks and then jumping off a building, and some retarded guy who put his dead mother in a dumpster.  Plus, the only thing on ESPN was like hockey or something.  Yeah, I'm surprised I wasn't slitting my wrists, either.

Wow, this entry was pointless.  I need to do something interesting.  Maybe tonite I'll steal Ray's car and do something, I dunno, interesting.  But don't count on it. 

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