4/16/99 -- Weinerdude is on jury duty, so yesterday before I left, he showed me how to map the network drives so that the labor attorneys can have access to the labor CD Roms, if they need em'.  Not the most difficult of tasks, but it is something new.

Then I went home and broke the garbage disposal.   I had figured that after two weeks, maybe I should wash the dishes.  The mold floating around in the glasses was a good hint.  So I washed everything, and then turned on the disposal.  Instead of the peaceful sound of food waste being shredded into oblivion, I heard an awful crunching sound.  It was horrible -- sounded worse than the Indian music I hear on the international channels.  I reached in (I turned it off first, duh), and pulled out the remains of a shot glass that had slipped down into the disposal.  It was a really thick glass, too -- presidential limo window quality.  Then I took out five or six nickel-sized pieces.  The rest were too small for me to pick out, so I tried to wash them down or scoop them down the hole with a spoon.  Then I turned the disposal back on.  All I got was a dim buzz.  I turned it off and tried again.  Nothing.  It's like the power's been cut off.  Soooooo, Ray's mom will have a nice surprise when she comes home on Tuesday.

Das came over last nite, then he left.  In between, we talked about sports and about my possible relocation to Santa Monica in a few months.  With Maya leaving for Sacramento in June to take a state job, Jenny's gonna need someone else for a few months, until the lease runs out in August.  It's on the Westside, which is good.  It's more $$$ for rent and food, which is bad.  There's also a few others things I gotta figure out before Monday, which was some weird arbitrary day I thought up to make my decision by.  I do feel bad for flaking out on Sheela (Maya's sister) last November when I told her I'd take her apartment, but then I couldn't.

After Das left, I hooked up with my old dealer around midnite and scored some bud + some X, or E, or something like that.  It's $20 a hit, so it ain't cheap.  I've never done X, so I'm wondering how the experience'll be.  I don't know when I'll do it, or where, either.  It's not like I have a rave to go to.  Actually, Go is supposed to be really good, and a rave is part of the plot, so mebbe I could drop some and then go watch it.  Heh, what a loser I'd be then, huh? 

I guess I'm back to not taking care of myself.  Drugs, smoking, not exercising, etc.  Oh, and doughnuts -- I had way too many Krispy Kreme's last nite.  In retrospect, it might have been a subconscious suicide attempt -- I'm amazed my aorta didn't explode after I finished all the original glazed.  Hey, at least there's not booze!  This isn't what I really need right now in my life, either.  I need to take some responsibility and get a car and take care of my massive credit debts. 

Woohoo!  The middle of April can mean only one thing!  The NFL Draft!  The draft is tomorrow and Sunday, so for the next two days I'll be stuck in front of the TV, consuming greasy food and analyzing a pedantic and geeky exercise.  I shouldn't take any drugs while watching it -- need to have all the brain cells I can muster to figure out if the Patriots'll take Anthony McFarland with their first pick, or trade down to get someone else.    Ahh, and people actually wonder why I haven't gotten laid.

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