4/17/99 --  So yo, what's up?  I'm here with Paurno and Das; I popped some E earlier, along with Das.  Paurno is too much of a wuss for it, though.  Anyhow, it's not real intense -- mebbe we need to pop two instead of one.  But I'm feeling pretty happy, and so is Das -- he said he hasn't been in "this good a mood in a long time".  At least since the last time he saw an eight-year old girl in a swimming suit.  He told Paul that Paul could kick his ass and he'd say "Party On." 

So yeah, this is my first experience on E.  It's like 11:40 in the PM, and I'm groovin.  Stung gave some tips on how to use it; that was really nice of him.  Now Paul is pretending he's a homo like Duc, so he can get me annoyed.  I'm freaking out.  Now I'm getting paranoid; these fuckers are losers.  Anyhow, I wanted to show them where I worked. 

We went to Garden Grove K-Town last nite with this dood, Mike, who's a golfing buddy of Das.  They got really drunk, and dropped me off so I could smoke up and go to Krispy Kreme.  They went to some hostess bar in Gardena and got really drunk.  On the way back, Mike had to yack, so while the car was on the freeway he rested his chin on Das' window and leaned out.  A lot of the yack went back into the car, hit Paul in the back seat, swirled around, and got all inside the car.  Mike yakked on himself, on Paul, on Das, and all over the inside and outside of the car.  Paul was dozing off in the back seat, and so he felt something wet on his face and thought, "Is it raining?"  Then the reality of the situation hit him -- literally.   I got a pic of Das' car; I'm gonna scan some shit in soon -- I promise!! 

Mebbe we should pop some more E -- a double hit next time.  I really like my dealer.  His name's John.  He's Korean-American, so  I feel much better about transacting with him -- I'm supporting the Asian man!  Asian drug dealers rule. 

Man, these losers don't wanna contribute to my fun.  Shit, what really sucks about E is that you need bitches around to enjoy it.  And none of the bitches I know want to take any!  It sucks.  Ok, wait, Das wants to contribute something.  This'll be a first, somebody besides Haole (I speak of myself in the third person) typing something here.  The floor is all yours, Das:

I like the word succumb because it works pretty well on its own, but when you split it up into two words, that the shit.
Aw-ight, on that note, I'm gonna take it easy.  Anything I feel like saying?  Paul's sister Vivian is pretty cute.  So's Akiyo (but I'm not mentioning here anymore!).  I like warm summer nights and cool spring days.  Ray's seen my chaji.  Oh yeah, last nite I learned a new term -- chaji masaji.  It means "handjob" in Korean.  What else?  Ok, I bugged John, and he said to take some more E.  So I'm going to.  Later.

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