4/27/99 -- Helpful tip from viewer e-mail: Masturbating over a sink cuts down on the "mess" factor.  Well, if you're a guy, and you're tall enough and, uh, long enough to reach.  See, this is the kind of helpful response I like to get; not the usual, "How come you don't like white girls?"  there are only so many times and ways I can explain why I'm not particularly attracted to white women, as if it were a crime or something.  Hey, most men and lesbians in the world probably don't find white women to be their #1 choice, did you ever think about that?  I have.  Maybe I'm the normal one and everyone else out there are the weird ones.  Wow, now I feel better.

Well, a woman could masturbate over a sink as well, although it'd be a little more dangerous.  I wouldn't recommend it.  Come to think of it, if you're a vertically challenged guy, a toilet might work as well as a sink.

Gotta say that it is odd getting these tips and comments from people I've never seen before.   It kind of reminds me of last summer with Akiyo; we talked every day during and after work for a couple of months.  Thing was, we never had never seen or met each other -- it was all over the phone during work.  And it was about all this shit -- her dad, her best friend killing herself, my dad -- really personal shit. Things got worse (or better?) when we started talking to each other at home.  We were up til 2 or 3 in the morning yakking away.  <SIGH>  Anyhow, once I started to get majorly depressed and scared her off, I had this huge vacuum in my life.  I think maybe that's why I restarted Stark Raving Mad -- I had gotten so used to talking about shit, I still needed that outlet.  So I just blabbed to no one.  To my surprise, sometimes no one blabs back.

Duc is really getting on my nerves.  Have I mentioned this?  Yesterday I broke my promise and started bitching to Akiyo about him. I was whining about how demeaning and condescending he can be. Akiyo then said that she really saw it when she was out here for Lan's farewell party, and how Duc was ordering me around.  She says it's b/c I'm young and a guy.  As if that's gonna change anytime soon.  I say it's because he's a fucking dick with a Napoleon complex.  Either way, it doesn't help me.

I know I mention Akiyo too much.  "You dickless fucking loser, shut the hell up about Akiyo!"  But...it's just too hard to fucking explain.  And I won't bore myself with it anymore.  At least not for today.

Jizzimbo to the Kizzimbo called last nite from San Something.  That was nice.  It was the first time I've heard from him since he moved up northlast month.  I heard that he's drinking by himself, which is what he used to get on my case about when I used to drink.  Anyhow, on the subject of hating work, James said that I should send out mass e-mails and hit every job search engine around if I wanna find new work.  He said it's what he used to do.  However, I remember him getting hooked up through a headhunter, though.  Whatever, I don't have two degrees from Columbia and experience in C++ and lots of other computer-related bullshit to back me up.  OK, I'll shut up now.

In any case, a new job will have to wait for a car.  Hoping to get it done when my moms comes out here.  It'll make her feel better.  I'm so manipulative.

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