4/6/99 -- I'm not a regular user of lotions, other than shaving cream and shower gel (if that counts).  But when it comes to skin lotions, facial scrubs and that sort of thing, I never use em', b/c I'm not particularly concerned with my skin.  Well, if there was a lotion that could turn me black or Asian or something, then I'd buy the economy-sized bottle from Costco.  Anyhow, the skin on my hands has been very dry recently.  It's been peeling to the point where they almost look raw.  It's pretty nasty, so I bought some skin lotion yesterday, and used it this morning.  Good God, my hands felt so slippery.  I felt like washing it off, but decided to keep it on and try to tough it out (toughing out skin lotion -- a very manly act).  After that, I tried to put on some cologne.  I've never had such a challenge before -- I couldn't take the cap off the bottle with my hands.  My fingers kept slipping off, so what else could I do?  I bit down on the cap with my teeth and opened it up.  Proud of my ingenuity, I could now go to work smelling musky.

BTW, I smell like Obsession and cigarette smoke today.  On other days I might smell like Hugo Boss and cigarette smoke, or occasionally I'll borrow Ray's Gendarme, so people who catch a whiff of me say, "Damn, I didn't know you smoke."  People here never compliment me on my cologne.  I used to get lots of compliments at school on my colognes.  Fucking legal professionals are too wrapped up in their money-grubbing to appreciate a man who isn't afraid to smell good!

Besides, it's important for a man to smell good.  Y'worry about you look, you should worry about how you smell, y'know?  Granted cigarettes can sort of kill the effect if you let the smoke get all over you, but I don't smoke in enclosed places normally, so I think I do OK. 

Of course, cigarettes can also sort of kill me, but I don't wanna worry about that right now. 

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