5/20/99 -- This morning I was half-asleep on the bus, torn between reading Trash and trying to think of something to write here.  I decided to keep on reading Trash, probably because it was giving me a bit of a stiffy.  So I have no subject for today.  Not even a predicate.  So I'll just spit some random thoughts onto the screen, and see if any of them stick.

-- Barbarian sounds like it be a great-sounding occupation.  Fun, too. Women, looting, mass indulgence.  Too bad there aren't any left.  Haole the Barbarian!

-- I actually turned down an invitation to go to a nudie bar last nite.  That's a first.  And it has nothing to do with the fact that I went twice over my mini-vacation.  I was just tired from two hours of sleep (or rather, from only having two hours of sleep.  I'm such a literalist).  Figured I wouldn't get my money's worth. 

-- James Woods is the man.  Not only is he an actor, not only is he a genius who dropped out of MIT, but he reportedly has the third longest schlong in Hollywood. 

-- Do I talk about schlong length too much?  I must feel inadequate after watching porn for all these years.  Maybe I should go back to watching Japanese porns, where the schlongs are all edited out by crystallization.  Damn, if I never watched porn I'd probably be happy with what I got.   Always wanting what I don't have, never satisfied with what I do...

-- On Monday I was wandering around Horton Plaza in downtown San Diego.  It's a nice, big open-air mall.  I saw a honey walk by, and she had the look that I die for -- professional-looking outfit with a short skirt, strappy heels, and thin-rimmed glasses.  I was walking around later and saw her filling out an application on a bench in front of the Guess? store.  I didn't want to seem like that obvious of a stalker, so I kept walking to wherever I was going, which was like 10 yards away, figuring she would be there when I turned around and walked back.  She wasn't.  I must have paced a 10x10x10 yard triangle for ten minutes, looking in different stores to see if I could find her.  I couldn't.  Damn!

-- I really really really hate Duc.  The guy is an untrustworthy whiny weasel who deserves to get run down by a bus.  It'd be great if the bus would stop, back up over him once, and then drive off over him again.

-- The copy machine repair guy who's in the office fixing our copier just asked if we have any alcohol in our office.  I said, "No, sorry."  He said he'd go down to his car and to get some.  Then I realized he was talking about rubbing alcohol.

-- I can't say "no" to anyone except my family.  I've finally realized that it's a big problem for me.  I think it ties into why I'm not very judgmental; I don't want to say no for the same reason I don't judge people.  I don't want people not to like me. 

-- People don't like me regardless.

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