6/2/99 --  One year and one day later, the MTA still fucks up regularly.  I left this morning at 6 so I could get to work by 7:30 and hammer out an entry and a long e-mail to Nicole, who I feel like I've been neglecting (not that'd she'd notice -- her boyfriend's back from Buffalo).  Everything's going smoothly until about ten minutes away from my stop.  Then the  train halts for awhile.  I was trying to get a nap on the steel headrest in front of me, so I didn't really notice.  Then everybody starts to get up.  Apparently there was an accident up the road, and we had to get off.  So we're all crowded around when another train pulls up.  But then they announce that that train is heading back to Long Beach, and that we should get back on the original train.  Chalking it up as another example of MTA competency, I did as I was  told and we all squeezed back in.  At the next stop, about a block and-a-half away,  we all got off and were told we would have to wait for a bus to take us to Downtown. 

An empty bus pulls up, and I had positioned myself pretty well to get on board.  Of course, there's a huge rush for the open door, and I start losing my position.  Then some people get the bright idea to go around the other side of the bus and come around the corner of the front of the bus.  Waddling along like a pig to his poke, I was  praying I'd get on board.  Just when I got position to squeeze in, there was a woman slightly behind me and to my right.  For a second I thought, "Should I be a dick and force my way in front of her?"  But then I remembered I'm a guy, and there's the whole "ladies first" thing that some idiot invented, probably in a ploy to get some.  Anyhow, she gets on, and I'm right behind her.  The MTA "supervisor" then steps behind her and says, "That's it!  There'll be another bus around shortly."  Damn my good manners!  They never get me anywhere. 

Anyhow, the "shortly" that the supervisor mentioned turns out to be twenty minutes.  So we pile on that bus, and it takes around the barrio until it reaches Downtown, about 6 blocks away from where I normally get off.  So I had to trudge to work, hoping that the dark gray skies wouldn't open up on me like floodgates.  I caught a break and they didn't. I got to work about an hour later than I planned, though.  The good news is that the Deej, who also takes the Blue Line train, is probably stuck in that exact same predicament right now. 

Shit, that whole thing took my mind off whatever I hadn't planned to write.  What a disconcerting experience -- being moved from train to train, to a bus, not sure where I'm being left off, controlled by forces beyond my power or comprehension.  It's sorta like life.  Wonderful, the MTA, the $8 billion in debt MTA (I'm not kidding) is a model for my life. 

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