6/8/99 - So where was I?  Oh yeah, me and my bad music taste.  It's something that I've recently become aware of, after cataloging my entire CD collection.  I was actually going to put it all up so that you could laugh at it, but I've run into a problem with Composer and modifying tables with more than a hundred entries.  Eh, what the hell, I'll just stick it up, but keep in mind that a few of the entries at the bottom aren't in alphabetical order (Yes, I keep my CDs in alphabetical order.  I also keep the cash in my wallet in order of denomination.   People think that's weird, too). 

Anyhow, it's pretty eclectic, as I'm sure a lot of people's music collection is.  I've got hip-hop, modern rock, some compilations and a few soundtracks.  The problem (as I see it) is that so much of it is just simply bad.  For God's sakes, I've got a ton of white rappers in my collection, two Hammer CDs (except for his two best ones), and Bone Thugs N' Harmony's horrible double-CD set from a couple of years ago, The Art of War.  (I seem to miss out on the good CDs, buying the newer yet lamer shit instead).  Of course, this all goes along with soundtracks from shit like The Phantom and Clear and Present DangerAnd throw in more recent shit like Smash Mouth's Fush Yu Mang and Everlast, and I have all the makings of a great used CD store. 

Now, I happen to like a lot of this shit, which is why I bought it in the first place.  Well, there's usually at least one track on the album that I like - that explains Sting being in my collection.  But so much of it just draws contempt from people who look at it.  I remember in college, one of Phil's stupid ex-girlfriends who he calls Grimace came by and was checking it out.  She looked at it for a few seconds then turned around with an unimpressed look on her face.  So I took it that she wasn't thrilled.

Anyhow, I've got a Cibo Matto CD, Viva La Woman!  in my collection.  Cibo Matto, for the many of you who don't know, are a couple of chicks from Japan who hooked up with Grand Royal (the Beastie Boys' label).  They use a lot of samples and drum machines to produce a more bubble gum sound of the Beastie Boys's Check Your Head.  I was kind of proud to have it in my collection -- not everyone has heard of them, but the critics seem to dig em', Now, I brought Cibo Matto up because they've recently come up in conversation a few times.

The first was when I was browsing through the upcoming concert listings at Maya's house, and Sam the Limey spotted them and asked if I liked them b/c they were Asian girls (damn, word about me gets around fast!).  I said no, I actually liked their band.  I don't think he believed me, though.  But I don't!  I mean, Miho and Yuka are kinda cute, but I'm not gonna buy an album or be a fan simply on that.  How desperate do you think I am?  On second thought, don't answer that.

The second time they came up was on Sunday.  I brought them up when I was listing the bands that are gonna be appearing at the Lilith Fair show in Pasadena next month.  Das said that he hated them, that they're a dumb band that just sings off key about food and nothing else.  I started to protest, but then I realized that all the songs that I do like are about food.  So I shut up.  Das continued and said they're like Shonen Knife, but more electronic. 

Having been rebuffed by Das, I was further dismayed when Farand sent me an e-mail out of the blue on Monday.  He read my entry where I mentioned their upcoming show at the Palace that I wanted to get tix for.  Farand's e-mail ripped me for liking Cibo Matto.  He basically said their appeal lies in the "exoticness" of the band.  Cibo Matto have Japanese accents, and he fails to see how anyone can get past their cutesy voices and the accents.  Basically their Asianess is what attracts people, and that it's wrong to like them strictly on that.  He likened them to the evil green aliens in The Phantom Menace, and how their quasi-Asian accents gave them a villainous manner.  He then brought up that if I like their accents so much, he could reintroduce me to his mom.

So three people have now crushed my opinion of Cibo Matto.  What nobody seems to understand is that I'm not much of a lyric-influenced guy.  The very fact that I like Kid Rock should have told everyone that.  I bought their album because I knew they were a Grand Royal act that relied on drum machines and samples, ala the Beastie Boys, rather than conventional instruments like Luscious Jackson.   While Cibo Matto isn't much like the Beasties, they do have their own appeal in their music, and the lyrics, at least the ones I understand, are simple if largely non-sensical.  I'm a beat man, not a lyrical guy.  I was and maybe still am slightly attracted to the band b/c their Japanese -- I've still got remnants of my "All-Things-Asian-Are-Cool" stage that I went through early in college.  But if their beats sucked,  I wouldn't give a rat's ass about em'.  After all, I don't like Shonen Knife.

<SIGH> So now I've gone off on Cibo Matto because of my own insecurity.  But, uh, what's my point?  Basically I like bands b/c of their music, not necessarily the lyrics.  And I'm prone to buy albums just for one song if there is no other way for me to get it -- once again, I bring up Sting.  Damn, this wasn't where I wanted to go with this.  Anyhow, my musical taste sucks.  I mean, in 9th grade my favorite band was Roxette, for God's sake.  They were the last white band I was really into.  "I got it up, down, all around, tied to the bone" --> this kind of non-sensical bullshit was what I loved.  The Smashing Pumpkins of Sweden they are not.

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