7/12/99 - Well fuck.  Today's the kind of day where I need to put up and entry besides what I did with my weekend, where I rant about something in my past or some aspect of life that I can meditate out loud on.  Unfortunately, I'm a little preoccupied with that, so instead I'll just let my mind wander and see where it takes me...

Oh first, regarding the e-mail that I sent Akiyo on Wednesday evening; I called her after work and mentioned it, and she was silent.  She said, "Well, I don't know what to say about it."  And that caused more silence and a bit of despair on my end.  So I said fuck it, I wished her a good weekend b/c she was leaving to go home to San Francisco for the weekend and wouldn't be at work on Friday, and that was it.  Well, except for the predictable moping that I did follow.  I don't know where I am with her and with that now. 

Friday was a little interesting; fuck, I don't know if I should mention this, but I'm going to cross my fingers and do it anyway.  If a "Section Deleted" notice or something appears here, than I decided to take it down.  But basically, I sent a small amount of an illicit substance to a really good bud in Canada a few weeks back.  What I didn't know was that Customs can be pretty thorough with packages...hey, give me a break, I've never sent shit to a foreign country before!  (And much to my surprise, Canada is a foreign country!)  But, uh, yeah, Customs opened it, confiscated the stuff, put some little "seized" notice in there, and sent the rest of the package on its way.  So my friend gets it and freaks, and she e-mails me and I freak, and then I go to lunch and I calm down.  I call her, and we sorta get calmed down.  I mean, it wasn't a lot of shit, we're talking misdemeanor here.  She hasn't actually heard from anyone yet, and neither have I.  If I gotta take a fall for it, I will.  I don't want to screw up someone's life, even with something small like this, for my own stupidity in not realizing how thorough the bastards at Customs are.

I spent a decent part of the weekend stoned; I went to see Summer of Sam w/Jenny and Sam, but after we bought tickets I get a page from a bud who wants to "smokee smokee".  So he picks me up, we go back to my place, smoke up in the car, he drives me back and I make it back in time to see Summer of Sam and all 22 previews that came before it.  Summer of Sam's pretty good -- I dig Spike Lee cuz he makes intelligent films, which is something most people in Hollywood are too scared or dumb to make.  The Stoned Age continued on Sunday, when I smoked up and just wandered around my new neighborhood along Santa Monica Boulevard.  I freaking got lost trying to take a shortcut, and wound up doing a complete circle before I somehow wound up on the other side of Santa Monica Blvd.  Zoinks!

I tried calling my parents yesterday for several hours, but no one was home and they don't have an answering machine; my mom can never figure out how to work one.  And she's responsible for saving lives everyday in a hospital emergency room.  Scary.  Anyhow, after I couldn't get anyone to answer by 10:00 their time (they're in Jacksonville, in case you forgot), so I called Short Bus to ask him if he knew what was up with the folks.  I didn't even have his number, so I called Information (pretty sad when you gotta call 411 to get your brothers' phone number).  Short Bus told me that the folks made an impromptu drive up to New York.  I assume they took the dog as well.  Fuck, when my mom is having more fun than I am, then it's time for me to seriously consider getting a life.

So anyhow, that was my weekend and what was up with me.  I'm doing pretty good, thanks for asking.  I've had an extra bounce in my step for the last few days, and no, I didn't buy new Nikes.  I'm sorta confused 'bout something, and no, it's not because I smoked up.  Plus I still have the unresolved customs problem hanging over my head.  But yeah, I actually feel all right for the first time in a few weeks.  I want someone to give me five!

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