7/19/99 - Maybe being drugged out for a whole weekend really does leave some fucked-up side effects.  This morning at around 3:30 AM, I woke up, stark naked with a case of very early morning wood, walked out to the kitchen, got a Diet Pepsi and the last 1/3 of the bag of Soft Batch Chocolate Chip I bought yesterday, and went back to bed and ate them.  I'm normally not particularly hungry at 3:30 in the morn, and since I'm living with a woman, or anyone else for that matter, roaming around the apartment buck naked is probably not the best way to cap off our first two weeks of living together.

The weekend started off pretty good but sorta declined as it went along.  Hung out with a bud on Friday night and got high on E.  We just chilled at my place and at Starbucks.  I'm terrible at coffee shops, because I don't like coffee of any sort, and b/c I'm lactose intolerant I avoid hot chocolate for the sake of others.  I'm not much for tea, so that usually leaves stuff like Italian Sodas, which are way overpriced.  With my chemically-enhanced feeling of adventure (who-hoo, Starbucks!), I ordered a Chai Latte.  My friend soon realized that, "Hey, that's got milk in it!"  And he was right.  It was pretty fucking good, but the next night I was emitting some toxic muthafucking fumes.  Damn, I should have warned Jenny about that when I moved in.

I had lunch with Das on Saturday; he called me at the end of the day on Friday, right before he passed out from his headache/lack of sleep/hangover.  We talked for about 10 minutes on Friday about long distance relationships, and he gave me some good encouragement.  Lunch in the Palisades was nice -- beautiful fucking day.  The restaurant was a trip though; it was an Italian joint, but there really wasn't any pasta on the menu.  When Das asked, the waitress said that they can make any kind of pasta you like, however you like.  That's the heat, if you ask me.  But why they couldn't say that on the menu, I dunno.  So Das and I had a good lunch and a good talk, and Das revealed to me his first three actions when he becomes Emperor of the World:

  1. Force People to Use Adverbs
  2. Get Rid of SUVs
  3. Get Rid of Fruity Iced Tea

The rest of the weekend was pretty much a stoned haze; Nicole and I couldn't hook up in person, since neither of us had a car (a fact I had forgotten), so we just talked a couple of times, mostly about Paula and what had happened with me and her, and enough about Akiyo so that Nicole now has a better understanding of why I was so hung up on her and why Paula is a little nervous about "The Akiyo Situation." 

I also spent a lot of money on food at Vons (don't go to the supermarket stoned -- you'll end up buying junk food that you'll just end up eating later that day), and I went shopping at 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica.  I bought lots of clothes, and some girly shit like scented candles and pretty colored paper and pens.  Fuck, if I keep that up the next thing you know I'll be buying vaginal cream. 

Saw some movies, too -- Athena has strongly recommended Fall to me.  Why I'm taking such strong advice from a stranger is beyond me, but I figured what the hell, it's only a $1.  It wasn't bad -- normally I don't go for any kind of chick films, but recently I've been in the mood - go figure.  I had some problems with it, not the least of which was that it might have been the first time I have seen some dick in a movie, but no boobies.  Well, besides the time I accidentally watched a gay porn for a few seconds when I was in a video booth at an adult book store once. 

Also rewatched Hate -- very good film, considering some Frogs made it.  Jenny and Sam the Limey rented Orgazmo (bad), and the April Fool's Episode of South Park, "Terrance and Phillip's Not Without My Anus".  Not surprisingly, it got me in the mood to see the South Park Movie, which I plunked down $8.25 for.  That equates to about $1 per ten minutes of film, not including previews, or about five cents for everytime "fuck" or some variation of "fuck" is said in the film.  It's not a bargain, but I liked it.  The film concluded my pointless shopping venture to 3rd Street, and I went home.

Everything should be going well, but I just got off the phone with Akiyo and realized I may have lost her as a friend forever.  She was non-committal about whether or not we can be friends in the future, only that right now she doesn't appreciate a lot of the shit I've pulled, and that I need to back off.  I wanted to resolve things with her for Paula's sake, as well as my own.  And I might have done that.  But if I have lost Akiyo as a friend, and if it is mostly my fault like I think it is (and she seems to think so, too), then I have to deal with it.  In any case, Paula is more open and more willing to be understanding than Akiyo, so it's not like I regret never hooking up with Akiyo.  Or so I think.  I feel dumb right now for being interested in Akiyo in the first place, when there was someone more special out there. 

But it does sting.

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