7/30/99 - Ramone called me last nite b/c Albutt was having another gig and Ray wanted to know if I wanted to go.  My late night chats with Paula have been keeping me up, so I was too damn tired to go.  I know, "bros befo' hoes" and all that.  I still haven't caught Al's latest band, and there supposed to be the best one he's been in yet; well, at least they have the best collection of musicians.  I must have flaked out on seeing them at least half-a-dozen times so far.  Too bad they don't have a cute diminutive Asian girl as a vocalist like his first band did...

Can't get that stupid "Walking in LA" song out of my head.

Shit, my mind is so fucking cloudy -- I've been tired all week, and my tolerance for the all the Diet Coke I've been drinking has gone up, so now I need even more of it to keep me "alert".  Jeez, imagine if I had a real job where being alert actually mattered.  I gotta get me some tweak.  So instead I'll just ramble on for a while...

I gotta get me some drugs of any kind. 

Thank God for my own bathroom and Henry Rollins.  I've saved so much money and time and detergent and Kleenex from not having to clean my sheets.

The girl behind the counter at Yoshinoya yesterday told me I had beautiful eyes.  What is it with women who work behind the counters at pseudo-Asian fast food joints?  That's the second time that's happened to me. 

How gross is it that it takes another psycho with some mankillers to throw JFK Jr. finally off the news?  I really hate this society, and it's fucked up media, sometimes.  Jenny had CNN on last nite, and I was in such a state of revulsion that I wanted to ask her to change the channel.  But I didn't wanna seem like a pussy, and we weren't actually "watching" it, but instead talking about her eating habits with Sam the Limey.  So I didn't say anything.  But the LA Times (yeah,  I know they're part of the media I just said I hated) made a succinct observation when J.R. Mohringer wrote today that the killings "blended two big phenomena of the year, mass shootings and the stock market boom..."

Found out Sam the Limey is actually half-Armenian.  I don't know a bigoted term to use against Armenians.  Any suggestions?

Y'know all this Diet Coke is making me less productive at work.  Not only do I have to go downstairs to fill up the cups, but I gotta go the john every hour to shake the weasel. Y'know, they say you don't buy beer, you just rent it...thank God this is free. 

Hmm, 80's music, masturbation, fast food, mass murder, pissing...sounds like an episode of South Park.

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