7/31/99 - I'm at work and I feel like shit.  This better not be the flu or else I'm gonna be really really upset.  Not only will I be sick, but I'll be in a shitty mood because of it. 

Wait, if I'm feeling sick shouldn't I be at home?  Don't be silly.  When I feel fine I sit at home, and when I'm ill I go out.

Wait, wasn't I supposed to go out car shopping today?  Uh, yeah.  Well, I was too tired and too sick to wanna go out to rent a car yesterday, and plus I stuck around here (the office) to try and find a particular gift for Paula online.  No dice.  Instead, I sent her a Web Postcard just 63 seconds after she sent one to me, and neither of us had any idea we were sending one to the other.  How eerie is that?  It gave me chills, but also gave me the warm fuzzies.  OK, enough of about that...

So today I got off my ass after watching a History Channel special on the firearms of the 1920s and 1930s-era gangsters.  No, I just picked up the remote after that.  I did get off my ass after playing Duke Nukem: A Time to Kill with all the cheat codes on.  I borrowed it from a co-worker.  Damn, they should make more video games where the protagonist is a gun toting lover of strippers, where a strip club is the locus for the protagonist, and practically everything that isn't nailed to the walls can be blown away.  Gee, I come across as being a real gun hater, don't I?  Or maybe I can just tell the difference between a pixelated chain gun and the cool steel of a real fucking gun.

So then I wandered out, only to add something new to my knowledge about rental car joints.  Not only are the usually closed on Sunday, but the close at noon on Saturdays.  Well, unless they are near the airport.  So I had to mosey my ass on to LAX after that discovery.  By this time I was feeling really ill and tired, but got a pleasant surprise: the Indian dood behind the counter liked my t-shirt so much he upgraded me from a compact to a Kia Sportage for free!  What magical properties does this shirt have?  Only that it says "Nepal" on it and has a picture of a 4-armed Hindu God on it (I think it's Krishnu). 

So now I'm bumping around until 3 PM tomorrow in a mini-SUV, which is so damn phat I'm thinking about finding a used one if I could afford it.  Now if I could figure out how to get it out of 4WD mode...

Maybe I'm just feeling ill because I miss Paula so damn much.  I'd been on a three-night phone binge with her and now I'm trying not to talk to her this weekend, both for the sake of her and my own sanity, as well as the slowly-developing realization that I am going to have one ass-kicking phone bill next month.  I freaked out this morning b/c Jenny left a note saying that I need to pay $8 for my share of the gas bill.  I'll probably go into cardiac arrest when that envelope from GTE arrives.  Hmm, maybe I could beat Jenny to the mail everyday and then hide the phone bill from her when it comes, and we can claim ignorance when GTE wonders why we haven't paid our bill.  Of course, Jenny will also be ignorant as to why they cut off our phone service...Hurm, I need better plan. 

Shit, my head hurts.  I'm supposed to go to a party tonite in Cerritos, I'm supposed to be buying a car, I'm wanting to smoke some herb, I'm wanting to call Paula...and right now I'm doing none of the above.  Not the way to end what's been the best month for me in memory. 

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