7/6/99 - Well, that weekend was interesting.  Believe it or not, after I left here yesterday I actually got some semi-productive shit done; I got high and went to Target.  Last week I overheard these chicks in the elevator talking about how Target is their favorite store.  One chick was saying how she goes there intending to spend like $5, and comes out with like $60 worth of stuff.  I discovered the power of Target myself yesterday when I was baked.  I went there to spend like $20 on a couple of  screwdrivers and a hammer, and came out with six screwdrivers, a hammer, a mallet, a little tool box, batteries, and a couple of CDs -- The Roots' Things Fall Apart and Jock Jams v.3 (gimme a break, I've got the first two!) . 

I wound up getting in the line from hell, though.  There were only like three groups of people ahead of me.  One turned out to be this Filipino mother-daughter team who apparently decided to redecorate their house on July 5.  They had dozens of towels, mats, cups, rugs -- all this shit that took like ten minutes for the woman at the register to process.  They must have a big fucking house for all that shit.  Hell, they were probably redecorating their entire neighborhood, too.  Anyhow, behind them was a mother-child team, and the mom apparently decided that Target is a better place to buy her groceries than, say, a supermarket.  And behind them was this couple about my age, and they weren't getting too much -- maybe 8 or 9 items total.  But then the dood put his shit onto the check-out belt, and the chick pays for her two videos separately!  I don't know why they couldn't pay together.  The chick actually bought Can't Hardly Wait on video.  Come to think of it, if the line wasn't so damn long I might have gone back and bought a copy myself.  I was pretty fucked up. 

So yeah, I was on line at Target for a full 30 minutes.  Good thing I smoked up in the parking lot before I went in.  Jeezus, I smoke anywhere now.  Well, when I rent a car I do -- shopping center parking lots, residential streets, fast food parking lots.  Not good.  I'm asking to get arrested.  A few months ago I had rented a car and was smoking up in a parking garage when a security officer on a bicycle zoomed by.  I know he saw me, so I put the joint down and immediately lit up a cigarette.  Since he was going so fast, he couldn't just stop, so he was waiting at the gate for me.  He was watching me the whole time I paid the attendant for parking.  That's probably the closest all I've ever had.

Oh yeah, so after I smoked up and went to Target, I smoked up and went to Vons, and then I smoked up and went to 3rd Street Promenade and walked around.  I bought some more useless shit.  Finally, after I returned the car, Jenny and I sat down and assembled my bed.  I don't know what they smoke over there in Sweden, but they have some weird ideas on how to assemble furniture.  The rather spartan instructions didn't help matters much.  To make shit worse, neither Jenny nor I are candidates to be guests on Bob Villa's stupid show any time soon.  Anyhow, after we put the bed together, Jenny went to sleep and I put together my table/desk.  The room is still a mess, and I've got more furniture to assemble tonite. 

My commute this morning was hella fast.  I walked fifteen minutes to the bus stop, and when the bus came, it got me to work in 25 minutes!  I caught the bus at 7:00 AM.  When I'd catch it in Cerritos, I would get to work around 8:30 or so.  Today I got to work at 7:30.  So it's the shit.  But in any case, a car and a transfer to Century City once Akiyo leaves should render that moot.

Of course, once Akiyo leaves, my life will seem moot...heh, the wannabe angst of Haole...

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