7/7/99 - This morning while I was naked in the shower and getting my thoughts together, a revelation struck me.  My morning shower is my own little temple, where I meditate and come to a lot of conclusions about myself and other things.  I mean, it's just my bare-assed self, various cleaning lotions, and running water (wow, how Zen-like, or something).  I guess that while clearing out the cobwebs and perhaps bong resin from my brain, occasionally a thought will slip through and hit me.  (BTW, this whole shower thing isn't the revelation I was talking about.  I just realized the mental significance of my shower right now while I was typing this).

Anyhow, the revelation: I don't have enough furniture for my room.  No, it's not quite the reception of the Ten Commandments, but it's important to me nonetheless.  When I was moving all my shit in an buying furniture, I hardly had room to walk in my room by the time it was all in there.  But now that the bed, drawer, and table are assembled, and I only have a desk chair and a thin, tall bookcase to go, my room is gonna have a lot of empty space in it.  And I need to fill it up.  Akiyo is giving me a tall corner piece where I can put a picture frame or, more likely, a bong, but that'll still be far from enough.  I'm ordering some posters, but that will only give the illusion of taking up space.  My thinking now is that when I buy a computer I'll buy a desk to go along with it, and use my table/desk as a place to write with a pen, or pay bills or something.  Eh, who am I kidding, I'll just use it as a place to throw my dirty undershirts. 

Several hours later...

I hate Duc.  DId I tell you that?  Fervent, evil hatred.  How someone so small can conjure up such a huge amount of malevolency in me is amazing.  I'm such a whiny brat.  But it's hard being in a situation where someone is allowed to "treat you like shit" (<-- Akiyo's words) and there isn't anything I can do about it.  Usually one's customers or clients are the offenders, and your coworkers back you up.  I see now that the Deej, who's been out on vacation until tomorrow, really isn't going to do anything about the prick that is Duc..  My future just seems so bleak.

And I'm never ever going to score.

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