8/4/99 - If you haven't guessed already, this isn't Haole. This is stung (I'll avoid the shameless self plug opportunity). Haole asked me to write you a note but I thought I'd write a whole entry because it would be more personal than just a note on the front page. Also, I have all his passwords so I can do whatever the hell I want (expect to see NUDE PHOTOS OF HAOLE in a few days -- digitially altered of course).

I had an email from Haole waiting in my inbox with the words 'HELP ME' screaming from the subject line. He gave me a vague idea of what happened to him yesterday but I called him to get the full scoop.

At work yesterday, Haole got called into a conference room by a couple of guys (I didn't get who they were). They said they had or knew about emails he had sent that talked shit about attorneys and other people in the law firm. They also mentioned his web page and how he gave the address out to certain people in the firm as well. For these reasons they fired his ass. They brought him to his desk and stood there as he cleaned it out. Then he went home.


Haole has no idea how they found out about his webpage. Sure, the emails would have been easy to find out about but the webpage is harder to figure out. And he has NEVER given out the address to anyone (let alone multiple anyones) at his work. He hesitates to speculate on who 'turned him in' though if you think about it you can come up with a likely suspect.

So Haole's unemployed. Ha! We've got another one! He was in his underwear when I called him. I see a great big pile of bud in his future. Anyway, he seems okay with it. Just kind of accepts it as some shit that happened. I, on the other hand, can't accept it and think he should at least try and raise some hell about it. I bet if the firm checked all the emails of all the attorneys there they'd find a lot of shit talking. I don't understand why Haole was singled out.

He also told me to tell you guys that he's taking some time away from the Internet. He's not ending the page, but he has limited access now and I think he just needs a break anyway. He kept saying this to me over and over again so I guess I'll quote him, 'I'm like The Terminator; I'll be back'. I think he's already losing his mind.

Write to him. He could use the support. Getting fired is one of the ultimate blows to your self esteem.

(By the way, this REALLY ISN'T HAOLE. This isn't some journal gimmick or 'clever' entry. Hope that clears up some of the confusion.)


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