9/16/99 - You might be wondering how I spend my days, since I'm an unemployed and largely broke slacker.  Well, I'm probably doing one of six things:

1) Being here.  I'm at UCLA's Biomed Library checking news and e-mail, e-mailing Tasha as much as I can.  I let my fingers doing the talking...

2) Sleeping.  I'm in my just-big-enough bed, curled up in my black sheets, dreaming of a better time, a better place...Chewie, get us out of here!  Those Tie Fighters are gaining on us!  What?  Oh sorry...

3) Watching TV.  We get five all-sports channels, and I have them all on super quick view.  I also dig the History Channel and TLC and IFC.  And I admit I catch the distorted images of the scrambled Spice channel every now and then...

4) Playstation. I've replayed Resident Evil 2, and now I'm looking at doing it AGAIN so I can get a better ending. That stupid room that's sealed from the inside is really bugging me...

5) Eating ramen. At fifteen cents a pack (with my Ralph's Club Card!) Maruchan has become the fifth food group for me.  Especially chili and tomato flavor.  Mmm...ramen....(what am I saying?)

6) "Spending Time With Myself".  Hey, if idle hands are the Devil's workshop, than I'm a fucking hardware store.

Hurricane Floyd is getting the Southeast very very wet, and for a while it looked like my family had a chance to be in the middle of it.  I didn't even realize that Floyd actually existed until Monday nite when I saw a link to a story on it on Yahoo!.  So much for me being Mr. Current Events.  Then around 5:00 I saw the a local ABC correspondent televising in Jacksonville and I realized that I should do the family thing and call to see how they were doing.  When I called, I got the slightly worrisome message of "do-DO-DOOO: We're sorry, all circuits are busy..."  After I "spent time with myself" and washed my hands, I called back and got through. 

It's not that I'm worried, but I just figured I'd act worried, since parents like that shit.  Plus I wanted to make sure the dog hadn't eaten the flashlights.  Jacksonville (which is where my parents be at -- it's in Florida, kiddies, not Mississippi) is lucking out and skirting the storm.  Anyhow, my dad was watching TV, my mom was drunk and sleepy, my dog was going bald from eating too much plastic -- same as usual.

I went through a couple of hurricanes when I was a kid and living in Houston.  Alicia in '83 was the big one -- it went straight through Houston and killed like 70 people.  It knocked over our backyard fence, which I didn't mind b/c a) I wasn't fixing it, and b) Both of our dogs got to stay in the house until it got fixed, which I liked and my dad hated, so I liked it even more.  I think the storm passed through during the morning, so in the afternoon a friend of mine came by and we rode our bikes around through the flooded streets and the overflowing gutters, happily and obliviously covering our bodies with bacteria.  Ah, to be young and reckless again...

Today I'm in the UCLA Biomed library and I'm e-mailing and web surfing when the guy next to me says, "Did you work for Loeb & Loeb?" 


I turned and looked at him.  He was wearing a yarmulke and looked vaguely familiar. 




"No, but I used to get books for them." 


I'm still not quite sure who he was, but I realized I used to see him around the County Law Library a lot.  He didn't look like your typical messenger in his yarmulke and all, so I figured he worked for another firm.  But then I realized he worked for a third-party service.  I still don't know what his name was, but just when I thought it was safe to go outside, they pop up to scare me...

Still haven't heard back from the firm I interviewed with, so I called back today to get the 411.  The person I needed to speak with was out of the office, so I think that's a good sign inasmuch as it's not like she's ignoring me.

If I get this job, or any job (ever!) I don't think -- scratch that, I KNOW -- I'm not gonna update this bad boy from work, provided I have 'Net access.  I'm not even gonna bookmark it.  At the most, I'll do what I do right now -- use my Yahoo! account to type up an entry and then go somewhere else to cut-and-paste and publish it after work.  So for the foreseeable future, I'll be updating this guy late at night, so don't be checking it during your work hours over and over, hoping for an update during the day.  Cuz it ain't gonna happen -- unless you live in India or something.  Y'know, time difference and all.

BTW, I know the horizontal lines are a little annoying, but I wanna do sometihng to make my thoughts seem a little less cluttered than my room.  I'll get a prettier graphic when I can.  Or you can send me some if you have any.  Save me the effort and all.  I always like getting things in the mail.  Except if it's a bill, which is all I get nowadays...
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