9/22/99 - I remembered when I heard Coach Curtis got arrested.  He hadn't been around for a week or so, and then one day while I was waiting outside for roll call or line up or whatever they called it in 7th Grade PE, I heard this dick behind me talking about it.  He was taking money from the cash they kept in the locker room office for locks or whatever.  I immediately wondered if this dick appreciated the wonder of a man who had one arm stealing money from a desk.

A one-armed bandit.

I know this doesn't qualify for an entry, but I've been too busy hanging out and playing Final Fantasy VIII and dreaming of Tasha that I haven't followed through on a couple of more ambitious entries. 

Something to laugh about -- A jerking off contest has been half-seriously proposed.  Whoever can jerk off the most times in one day (coming to a wet conclusion constitutes one time) wins.  I'm not sure what the winner would receive.  Maybe a porno and a big box of extra-soothing Cold Creme Kleenex.

Farand bought his wallet in Japan from at a department store section called "Antichrist".

Sam Paneno, a running back at UC Davis, had to have his leg amputated after getting injured playing against Western Oregon a week ago.  When Ronnie Lott or Jimmy Hitchcock have to give a finger in order to play a game, football is romanticized as a sport of tough men.  But what about when a guy gives his leg? 

OK, my buzz is wearing off and I'm getting sleepy.  Talk to you later.

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