9/25/99 - My experiment in self-living looks like it's coming to an end.  Jenny said if I wanted ot move out by the 1st of October that I could but she would need a decision ASAP.  So I talked with Ray's mom yesterday and it looks like it SHOULD be OK.  The assorted headaches of actually moving out lies ahead -- my furniture is now assembled, unlike when I bought it, so I'm gonna need help in moving.  Plus a truck.  Trucks cost money, I don't have money, etc etc. 

I set myself up because when I moved out I acknowledged privately that I'd feel like a failure if something went wrong, especially if it resulted in me moving back in to Ray's house.  I know it's all mental, and things don't always go well, but I can't shake that feeling.  I had privately resigned that I would never go back to Ray's, just like I would never go back to Jacksonville.  But now I am, and so you can imagine what that does to my self-confidence.  It's not like I'm going back to hell or anything; Ray's house is really nice, his mom's really nice, and even though they don't get the blurred Spice channel, they have cable.  Damn, they also don't get ESPN Classic sports.  Hmm, maybe I should reconsider moving out...

Almost got a temp job yesterday (the 23rd), but because me no know Excel, me no get job. 

Been hanging out with Farand a lot.  Yesterday I drove down to Cerritos to help him wash his car.  Actually, most of our time was spent washing and scrubbing and shampooing his carpets and floormats.  He had one stained car; I can't imagine what have of those stains are from, and he didn't know either, which is scary.  One of them looked like motor oil.  I also got to wash my car as a bonus, although I didn't bother with the interior.  It's nice and shiny and bright, and looks almost new -- well, except that my car is fifteen years old and has a nice assortment of dings in it.  The interior looks really dated on the Z.  But it's not like I'm gonna be doing anything about it...you know, Parachute pants are sorta coming back into style, and my car was built around the time they were last in style...so yeah, I've got one styling car! 


After the car wash and an hour or so at Ray's, we went to Albutt's to smoke out, then we drove to his show.  Albutt's band didn't go on for a while, so I chilled outside with Ray and Farand and got sick off of cigarette smoke.  They started to get pretty drunk.  They started doing this sick thing where they would make up stories about fucking the other's guy's mom.  Farand's best:

He was talking's with Ray's mom about "hi-fiving".  Hi fiving is where a girl is on her knees and two guys are standing in front of her, so that she can give them both head.  The two guys can face each other and hi-five each other.  Anyhow, Ray's mom tells Farand she wants to hi-five, but Farand says that they don't know who else they can do it with, since there isn't anyone in the house.  So Ray's mom says "Go and get Raymond".

Ray's retaliation: Ray said that he was getting it from Farand's mom, and when it came time to spooge, he pulled it out and shot it onto her teeth, and it splattered and went all over her face.  Now, this seemed kinda tame, so Farand started off with another story.  Then Ray said, "I get a boner just thinking about it -- look!"  Farand ignores him and keeps going, but Ray says, "Look!" again and points down.  He was sitting on a chair with one leg bent in, like he sitting Indian style but with only one leg.  The crossed leg pressed against the thigh of the left leg, and you could see the outline of an erection in Ray's pants.

Farand freaked and ran inside.  Ray started laughing uncontrollably and screaming "I got you!" and pointing at Farand's back as he walked away.  Who needs TV when you get entertainment like this?

So Sketches of Ellis (Al's band) had a good show, and Ray got his jollies checking out the lead singer (Dina) and the sophisicated-looking red-headed waitress who would come by.  Afterwards, Ray and Farand drunkenly chased me around the street in West Hollywood to make me feel uncomfortable.  They both did an excellent job.  After some ventricle-stuffing hot dogs and fries at Pink's in West Hollywood, we all went home.

Needless to say, this morning I took a nasty, painful dump.

Since I've already sunk to the gutter on this entry, I'll blab on about one other thing.  For the last few year's, I've been giving though to shaving, or more exactly trimming, my, uh, carpet.  No, not my hair, more like my...pubic...hair...Yeah.  I dunno, I look down and it just seems to ungainly and nasty.  Doesn't do anything for smell, either.  Yeah yeah, musky scents are supposed to trigger the sexual centers of the brains of women.  And Akiyo liked musky scents.  But I dunno, I hate it.  I wish I had more of a citrus odor. 

But it's ugly -- I look like I've got my jaj wrapped up in a couple of cheap fur coats.  It just looks ugly.  I always like a trimmed woman, even a completely shaved one. So I figure it'd only be fair anyway if I had to trim my hedges as well -- I'm big on sexual equality, man!  So I figure I'd trim it when I got a pair of scissors I didn't mind using for the task.  But then I had a discussion yesterday with Farand, and he just gone done trimming his -- it's like we're on the same wavelength!  He reminded me not to cut it too short so that it gets spiky. 

So now I just need to find a pair of scissors.

Late update; I got called back for a second interview with Ray's law firm.  Christ, like a week after I gave up on them they call me back.  Not that I'm complaining -- I'm thrilled.  The interview isn't til Tuesday at 2:00, so I'm sorta hoping that the temp agency won't call me until after that.  I should be busy moving in the meanwhile.  Who am I kidding, I'll probably spend my time like I did today; playing Final Fantasy VIII and working on our hero Haole and his quest to get some. 
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