9/28/99 - Lots of things on my plate right now, none of them particularly appetizing.  I thought about lots of shit on Sunday, mainly because I let Farand borrow my Playstation on Saturday, so there's been no Final Fantasy VIII for me for the last few days.  There has been football and the History Channel, the latter of which was a nice change -- learned lots about the Korean War and the KGB, all without picking up a book! 

I get to move again on Wednesday or Thursday, unless Ray's Mom has a sudden change of heart.  There is a big hang-up, though. Ray's mom is getting another border next month, and not another dumb Korean girl with rich parents this time, either.  Some agima (old lady) whose willing to pay top dollar.  The hang-up is that the agima doesn't want to share a bathroom with a guy, much less a white guy with legs hairier than Grape Ape's.  If the agima moves in, my stay will be very short-term.  But Ray's mom has been waiting for the agima to move in, and she hasn't, so she's trying to find out what's up with that.  Personally, I'm hoping for the best, which for me means not having the agima move in at all, so that I could stay for a few months.  Notice how this is diametrically opposed as to what is best for Ray's mom.  Notice that I am a selfish bastard. 

Moving sucks, but I've done it so many goddamn times in my life I'm used to it.   I don't want to count how many places I've lived in my life, and how many times I've  moved...probably around two dozen, thanks to college.  Shit, I gotta find some boxes.  Anyhow, it just sucks not having a permanent place I can feel comfortable with, a place to call "home" and not worry about finding another place.  Probably does something to my psyche and my insecurities (Nicole says that EVERYTHING connects), but I'll leave that question to the professionals.

I've been thinking about bankruptcy.  "What do you mean Haole, your finances aren't immaculate?"  No, Dipshit Random Voice in My Head, they're not.  I managed to fuck up my credit immensely when I left school, left work, and moved home a few years ago.  To make a long and painful-to-tell story short, I've never recovered.  Now it's time to pay off those fun student loans, and it's not like I can afford those either.  I'm grateful I can afford a cheeseburger on Sunday's at McDonald's.  Jimbo mentioned it to me a while ago, and Ray has as well.  Now my mom's mentioning it to me.  Three important people; Jimbo's smart, Ray's a good friend, and Mom is, well, she's been around.  Bankruptcy is sounding more and more viable the more I think about it, but I gotta stop thinking about it and do something about it.  Yeah, I know it's irresponsible and cowardly, but I haven't lived up to the Brave Dave moniker in quite sometime. 

It is a little comforting to know that I'd be joining some prestigious company -- Lawrence Taylor, TLC, Hammer...yeah, they're black, which makes it even cooler.  And they at least had money before they blew it all.  I never had much, so I don't have far to fall!  Ha-ha!  Wow, it's sort of reinvigorating.  Or maybe I'm just crazy.

But I'll definitely look into it.

On Friday, Jenny brought up that the phone company screwed up, because she can't call Burbank, where same lives, or Arcadia, where her parents live.  She seemed to think that when she cancelled long distance service to get back at me for racking up a huge bill, AT&T messed up and cancelled any call that's not totally free.

I was completely blown away.  I wanted to scream at her, "WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU THINK WOULD HAPPEN?  YOU CANCELLED THE FUCKING LONG DISTANCE SERVICE!  THAT MEANS YOU CAN'T MAKE CALLS THAT YOU ARE CHARGED FOR!  IT DOESN'T MATTER IF IT'S BURBANK OR BOMBAY!"  But I decided to not really say anything; I mentioned something about how I can't call Cerittos or check my voice mail, and I left it at that.  Hell, she caused the problem, let her figure out what she did wrong. 

Clowns have been popping up recently.  Real clowns.  Like, getting onto I-10 and driving next to a merging car and looking over out of habit and seeing a bald powder white head with a purple frown looking back at me.  Or like seeing a chick who looked like a dumpy Ronald McDonald on LSD walk into the bathroom at Kinko's.  I can't add any commentary to it -- what do you say about clowns?  It's just weird.  Weird fucking city.

I had a cheeseburger burrito on Friday night.  Jose Bernstein's, the best mexican/deli in the Southland added that piece of heaven to their menu recently.  Three dollars and seventy-five cents (U.S.) can't buy anything better.  Meat, pickles, cheese, onions, tomatoes, lettuce...OK, so it's just a cheeseburger minus the bun but plus a flour tortilla.  It was fucking good. 

Maybe being stoned had something to do with it as well.

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