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As I mention more people, I'll put in more entries to help you who is who.  Hopefully I'll be getting more pics to make it a more visually pleasing process.  And hopefully I'll meet more women.

Das' headDas (Dave, Dasmando, DaveDas) -- Das works for an infomercial company that is contemplating (I'm not making this up) an "exercise couch".   He likes booze, short Jewish girls, the Lakers, the Bruins, the  Dodgers, etc. Ray's HeadRay (Ramone) -- Ray likes clothes, his hairstylist, and penises.  And he's not gay!  I used to live with him and his mom in Cerritos.  Currently he's handling used breast implants for his relatives' law firm.
Phil's HeadPhil (Philly, Phillio) -- Phil is in DC now to party.  And work, too. He wants me to get some, which is a nice thought.  His girlfriend is constructed from my dreams.  He likes getting some, vomiting, and gambling like a damn fool  Akiyo (Keroppi, Ayako, Akira, etc.) -- She works down at my firm's Century City office.  I wanted to git wit her, but like anyone with a brain and a pair of breasts, the feeling turned out not to be mutual.  She likes chocolate, Asian American issues, white guys, and torturing me.  Moving to San Francisco soon
Jenny -- My roommate.  She's an aspiring screenwriter, which in LA isn't stunningly uncommon.  She likes Blur, Oasis, and Quentin Tarentino.  Click here to see a photo of her reservoir dog. She's become my friend, too - she thinks I'm fun to hang out with, so she's pretty dumb Albutt's HeadAlbutt (Al, Albert) -- Ex-roommate, super-friendly guy who's real smart as well, but is working at Islands until he finishes putting himself through UCLA..  LL Cool A.  Likes music (he's a bassist in a band ), hates his car. 
Nicole's HeadNicole (Nicki, NicoleZ) -- She finished school ahead of time and went back for more at Berkeley.  Talk about dumb. I have a tendency to depend on her when I get depressed. She likes her man and helping people. Maya (no known aliases) -- Finished up grad school and is now in Suckramento, working on some kind of AIDS project..  She claims I'm her oldest friend.  Likes traveling to places I can only dream about
Winston (Wu, Winnie, Winnie the Wu) -- Yet another alumni of Whitney High, he moved up north to San Jose with his woman.  His dad's a commie.  He likes his woman, his car, and liberal gun laws James' HeadJames (Joon-Tae, Ajushi, Hoon, Jimbo Kimbo) -- James just moved up north to San Leandro.  He's hyperintelligent, hard-working, and well-mannered.  Basically he's what my parents wanted me to grow up to be like.  He likes drinking, computer shit, and shaving his pits.
Michelle (No aliases, but gave me one: Brave Dave) -- Has the privilege of being one of the few women that I actually met in college.  Actually, she was one of the Dykstra 8 girls I met in 93-94'. She likes -- no no, loves -- talking, and is fun loving in general.  Lives in New York Paul (Paurno, Porno) -- Paul is an aspiring computer nerd.   Not gettin' any.  Likes being around small children and watching terrible movies on Sundays.  Not at the same time. Loves golf.  I hate golf
Scott (Short Bus) -- Ugh, he's my brother.  He's dumb, he's stupid, and he's living in Florida right now.  He's a white trash geek.  He likes syndicated sci-fi TV, fish tacos, and acerbating the piss outta me. Farand (What kind of name is Farand?) -- Friends with da boyz, he's sorta become my friend when he visits from DC -- he's finishing law school.  Likes, uh, lots of things!  (I'm just not sure what a lot of them are...)
Duc and the Deej -- An annoying co-worker and my boss, respectively.  Duc's a flamer and the Deej is something of a butch.  But I'm not supposed to know that.  Duc likes soccer and his gay red Miata, the Deej likes the Who and calling in sick Jeff (Aliases classified) -- Old friend who lives in Las Vegas with his wife, Lisa...I think.  Haven't talked to him in a while but have known him forever.  Original member of the Cahonese.  Likes gambling
Mark and Ban -- my ex-roommates; Mark likes drinking beer and accosting women.  Ban likes, uh, Ban likes his computer, and for people to not smoke in the bathroom Sam the Limey - Jenny's boyfriend.  He's English.  He's somethng of a morbid sicko, and likes films where people are eviscerated.  I like making fun of his Englishness.

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