Haole's Five Minute Biography -- Typed out, unplanned, in exactly five minutes.

I was born in New York and moved around a bunch when I was a kid.  I spent a lot of time in Houston, though.  Anyhow, I moved to San Diego when I was 10, lived there til' I was 18, graduating from Rancho Bernardo High School as part of the first senior class.  Went to Washington State University for a year, then transferred to UCLA, where I still am.  I was an East Asian Studies major, but couldn't hack Japanese after two years (actually, more like after one year), so I switched to history.  As of January 98', I'm in my last quarter.

I suffer from crap like depression and anxiety and shyness.  It all really sucks.  I also have the tendency to stutter and slur my words like an imbecile.  Oh yeah, I also get down on myself alot.  I'm not a totally incoherent fool, I just occasionally am hard to understand -- like a permanent foreign exchange student who every now and then emits some sentence where you just nod your head like you understand even though you have no idea what he's talking about.

Now I'm working for a dumb-ass law firm in downtown LA in the library  with a bunch of annoying co-workers and surrounded by ignorant and pushy lawyers.   I'm living in Cerritos (the most diverse community in America) and will be moving to Culver City really soon.  And I still need to get some.


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