"God-like" is how I think of Stung.  Yeah, I'm prone to hyperbole,  but the homes is now ascending to Mt. Olympus-like heights of journallig skill.  He could make a wall laugh.  He's also ghetto living with his woman (I always like journalers who get some) in LA, and the LA connection is a tie that binds.  He's smart too, but it seems like he's finally giving up a serious shot at screenwriting.  Something about earning money, I think.  Lots of people like his journal.  I feel so hip because I was one of the first.  And it gets better all the time.  Just ask Lodie.   Misadventures in the Razorwire Thicket

So, I'm looking for a Midwestern Canadian journal to help give me my Great White Northern fix.  And I find Shannon, who is nothing like anybody else I would be prone to read.  She's married.  She's Christian.  She doesn't talk about her sex life.   Lucky for me, the first entry I read revealed that she's got all sorts of issues that make for good reading.  Betwixt

D-Khan (D-Khan for short) has what most people want; a good job in the computer industry, a place in San Francisco, hotties falling all over him, an SUV, and a web site that Jesus couldn't have done a better job designing.  So why isn't he getting some?  That's what I want to know, and that's why I tune in everyday.  And it's blocked by Surfwatch, so that makes him even cooler.  The Freaky Tales

You know, I always thought Insomnia would be some bizarre, all-consuming condition.  But Brian seems to get along with it just fine.  He gets some, he sells screenplays, he's got serious coin in the bank...and he's joining the trend and is an ex-Angeleno.  He writes and writes well.  You can tell he writes well because women want him and men want to be him.  Insomniac's Lullaby

Jen has been at the journal writing thing for much longer than I have.  She's been exposing herself to the world for years and years.  She's really smart, too.  She's getting her PhD in something scientific at UCSF.  So we have nothing in common, besides a zip code starting with "9".  Lots of people read her journal for a reason, probably because it's not just another angst-filled girl hating herself and the world.  And they probably think she's cute.   I got into her because she used to go out with another journaller who I idolized, Jay (I know that statement is really pathetic.  Shut up.).  Like Sands Through the Hourglass...

"Godess" does describe Athena, though.  And you just thought she was a bunch of stoopid Greek mythoogical bullshit, didn't ya?  No no, she's quite real and a real blonde and really quite enjoyable.  She's also's a mommy and a San Diego North County-ite (I used to be one, too).  She really gave me the kick in the ass that I needed to hook-up with Paula.  But it's not like I read her journal out of sympathy; she's presents a different point-of-view because she's got a life and also is doing the log-distance internet-founded relationship thing.  Much Ado About...

High school drop-out.  Teenager.  Takes care of her ferrets in the buff.  Ah, the random things that come together to appeal to me in a journaller.  Robin is a proud resident of Bumfuck, Maryland, and she just started college.  With more attitude than a black waitress, she violently cuts down anyone who gets in her way, yet is sweet enough to get her (now ex-)boyfriend an Atari 7800.  She's feisty.   Suede Brown Eyes
"Aylin" is a southern girl who gets herself into all kinds of messes that make for great reading but probably not for great writing.  I should know.  Anyhow, she likes t to talk about getting some, as well as depression, love, and the pleasures of living with your mom.  Heavy Sigh

OK, this guy, who's last name might be Paizuri, has a journal he updates but doesn't keep any old entries available to read.  Frustuating, but fun. journal

Yep, these nine individuals do so much to temporarily take me away from the problems and hassles of my life by showing me the headaches and joys and pains and pleasures of their's.  Especially when they get some.  So this is how I reward them, by pointing the way for more people to learn about their lives.

Stark Raving Mad
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