Since I was in the tenth grade, I've realized that I have a serious, irrational attraction to women of Asian descent.  Also referred to here as hotties, honeys, yuhjahs, and fine-ass chicks, I have what is known in some circles as Asian Female Fetish (AFF), known colloquially as "yellow fever".

I guess I should start with why I dig the honeys, beginning with tenth grade.  Until that time, I'd been like most other boys my age, looking through hormone-blinded eyes at the pretty blonde girls that dotted my Southern California schools.  Those girls never paid any attention to me, and the guys they were interested in pulled crap like calling me "McFly", and jamming my locker shut.  Fuckers.  In tenth grade, though, I started taking honors and Advanced Placement courses in high school, where the concentration of Asian American students rose sharply.  In these classes, the girls didn't ignore me; they were fellow students who I did projects with, who listened to what I said, and some of whom <gasp> thought I was smart.  OK, so they weren't all geniuses.  So anyhow, more Asians, plus girls who showed some attention, or at least respect to me, equaled Asian girls who treated Haole nicely.  Since I'm a puppy for attention, I started to fall for Asian girls and nothing else.

So starting with Joanne in my 1st period class of 11th grade, it became official -- I'd obsess exclusively over Asian girls.  The sleek, jet black hair, the dark brown eyes, the A to B cup sized became my standard for beauty.  I also saw them as more intelligent and kinder as well.  Why the fuck would I want to look at another woman of any rival ethnicity?  Of course, I tried to hide this from all my female friends as best I could, lest they think I was some kind of freak.  Hell, I didn't want them I was digging them period.  When I was choosing colleges, I checked out what percentage of the student body was Asian.  I got into Asian Studies and East Asian Studies b/c of the women.  Shit, if I knew then what I know now, I would have gone to UCLA as an Asian American Studies/Korean double major.  My bozack would have been a fucking redwood -- it'd never die.  Strip clubs?  Had to get the Asian honeys and nuttin' else.  Shit, I can still name every Asian girl I've gotten a lap or table dance from: Sally, Asia, Hannah, China, Summer, Silk, Rhythm, Tatyana, Jewel, Kaiani, Leana, Jade...yeah, I think that's it.

Sadly, though, things have been changing recently.  In recent years I started grooving to black girls, which is cool -- Even before I was down with yella girls, I wanted to be black.  Anything that wasn't white, really.  Then Ray started raving on and on about Latinas, so I had to check summa dem out.  But then, but then...anyhow, maybe not getting any has gone completely to my brain, but I've started to get back into white culture, white music and, to a certain extent, white girls.  It's not a happy realization for me.  I mean, there aren't too many, and they can't turn my eyes the way a fine honey or black girl can, but I have been flipping through the Victoria Secret catalog with a little more frequency lately.

Anyhow, that's where I am with what kind of girls I like.