Update: (10-19) - It's hard to find good drugs if you are'nt very social.  It's also hard to updates when I'm poor and depressed.  My updates continue to be rarer than clean air in LA.  Or Houston.  Two cities I've lived in.  Anyhow, don't let gettin' some be rare for you.

Adrian Cronauer  in Good Morning, Vietnam: "You know, you're more in need of a blowjob than any other white man in the history of the human race."

Wish List:  
- To stop being depressed
- To get some
- To get some more
- Portishead: Dummy
- Various clean-lyriced rap songs for Tasha
- Absolutely nothing
- my frustuation with life increase
- no football 
-Final Fantasy VIII (and I'm near the end!)
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