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All about Me.  See?    After reading one entry, you'll be amazed to know that it wasn't written by a twelve year-old.  If you want to know how old I really am, then go press on "me".

The theme of this journal changes with my mood, and maybe that's the way it should be.  Lately I've been severely depressed, fed up, angry, and self-destructive.  I've lost the key to my happy place and cannot find it.  Probably somewhere under the cushions in the couch...

After browsing through Jen Wade's phat journal, I realized something: I should put up a notice here that this isn't a "family-friendly" site.  I curse, unfairly talk badly about people,  talk about alcohol and drug use (although not much of either lately -- Argh!), and use poor grammar.  In short, I am a terrible role-model for a fourth-grader. 

12-21-98  New Depths of Shallowness
12-21-98  Music in My Madness
12-20-98  Fold-Up Haole
12-18-98  Sexual Chocolate
12-17-98  My Sharon-a
12-16-98  Duc Hunting Season
12-11-98  Buddhamas
12-10-98  Yesterday was the First Day of the Rest of My Past
12-9-98  Haole the Bitch
12-9-98  Get Busy Child
12-7-98  Da Joint
12-3-98  Going Postal
12-2-98  Aloha Grimace
12-1-98  Redcoats
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