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(9/30) - Really miserable right now.  If I'm around to update again, I'll probably have implement the minor site redesign I've been working on.  So cross your fingers.
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Latest -- 9-30-99 Bending Over For the Soap
All about Me.  See?    After reading one entry, you'll be amazed to know that it wasn't written by a twelve year-old.  If you want to know a little more about me,  like where I live and how old I really am, then go ahead. 

The theme of this journal changes with my mood, and maybe that's the way it should be.  But basically there are four central themes:  

Chronic Depression Drug Confessions
Sexual Repression Asian Honey Obsession
After I got canned from my old job, in part b/c of the discovery of this journal, I didn't update for a while.  But then I realized that through the magic of a) UCLA's free access computers, and b) Kinkos, I can afford to update this bad boy every now and then at a decently affordable rate.  So I'm gonna give it a shot.  No, I don't have my own computer, but donations are appreciated and accepted.  Just don't stick me with a Vic 20.. 

I also can't make my site look all pretty -- I've got very limited tools for the momemnt, like a WYSIWYG editor.  So don't smack me for having such an ugly site.  

Oh yeah, WARNING:  I use lots of naughty words and talk about people that might be interpreted as being in a sexist, misogynist, or even racist manner. So, uh,  you could be offended or corrupted or something.

9-28-99 At the Journals with Haolebert 
9-28-99 Haolewood 
9-28-99 Po White Trash 
9-25-99 The Object of Ray's Affection  
9-25-99 Wooo!  Cowboy Haole.  Wooo! 
9-22-99 Quickie then I Gotta Spooge 
9-21-99 Drugs in the Workplace 
9-18-99 Now I Have to Pay to Look  
9-17-99 He Putts From the Rough 
9-16-99 6 Ways to Kill Your Youth 
9-15-99 Girl 1 
9-14-99 Sports with Haole 
9-11-99 No Alien Lobotomies 
9-11-99 I'm Like Glue, You're Like Teflon, no that's not it... 
9-10-99 Catching Up is Hard to Do...  
9-10-99 Is this Thing On? 
A month or so later... 
8-15-99 Casualty of the Information Age 
8-4-99 HELP ME!
8-2-99 I Need a HITT (Haole Industries Two Thousand)
Other Journals I Read Instead of Doing Work
Established Journals I've Been Reading New Journals that I'm Hooked On
Like I said, Jennifer Wade's journal is pretty phat.  Feast your eyes and mind on it -- she's smart, funny, and motivated, and her site is one of the most visited journals out there.  She lives in  San Francisco.  I'd like to have her life.  She's one of the popular kids.  Check her out.  Then look at  her journal, heh. Brian is an Insomniac, apparently.  He's done a good thing and restarted his journal at a different address, so no more stupid Geocities pop-up windows.  Anyhow, he writes about chicks and LA and shit, and it's all pretty revealing, considering he's a guy.  Definitely enhances my argument about the superiority of LA writers.
Stung is ghetto livin' with his girlfriend somewhere around Downtown LA.  I think he's pretty new to the journalling community, which doesn't stop him from being damn funny.  Visit homeboy -- especially if you're  a studio exec looking for a screenplay. Robin's got Suede Brown Eyes, or else I dunno why she called her site that.  She goes to college in Maryland with her ferrets.  She's seems pretty willing to talk about anything, which is probably why I'm gonna stick around for a while.
"Aylin" is a girl living in the South, and stressing about life.  She should be stressing about living in the South, but who am I to judge?  Anyhow, her writings can really be emotionally compelling, as well as occasionally, uh, arousing.  Dig it. Athena is a great name for a chick.  Oddly enough, not only is there a woman named Athena out there, but she keeps a pretty dope journal, Much to Do About....  She lives near San Diego, so I get a sense of familiarity with her.   Intelligent and sensual, even for a white girl.
DK's Pulp Blender II  is much more pretty than anything you've ever seen here.  He has a hard time getting some too, although it seems like sometimes he turns it down.  Weird.  Anyhow, his ass is up in Northern Cali, so go see what his life's like.  It's more fun than mine. I'm too lazy to check to see what Betwixt means, but I like the soudn of it.  Check it: I read her "About Me" page, and just one entry (her September entry) and I'm hooked.  Shannon is gonna  fulfill my Midwest Canadian fetish when I'm not e-mailing Tasha.
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