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(5/12) - I get no consideration around this fucking office.  I'll try to have entries up by tonite.  Fuck my firm, and fuck the bastards who ruin my lunch hour.  Hope you're all fucking during your lunch hour.

I've got Das' scanned photos, but it'll take me a while to organize them and figure out which ones I want up and which ones I don't.  But hey, you'll all be able to see pics of me and my goatee.

  Jay's Ramblings are still the shit.

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All about Me.  See?    After reading one entry, you'll be amazed to know that it wasn't written by a twelve year-old.  If you want to know how old I really am, then go press on "me".

The theme of this journal changes with my mood, and maybe that's the way it should be.  But basically there are four central themes: 

  1. Chronic Depression
  2. Sexual Repression
  3. Asian Honey Obsession
  4. Drug Confessions
After browsing through Jen Wade's phat journal, I realized something: I should put up a notice here that this isn't a "family-friendly" site.  I curse, unfairly talk badly about people,  talk about alcohol and drug use (although not much of either lately -- Argh!), and use poor grammar.  In short, I am a terrible role model for a fourth-grader. 
5-12-99 In it to Win it, But I Always Lose
5-10-99 Baked at the Movies 
5-7-99 Our Father, Who Art Getting Some.. 
5-6-99 Venting Like an Air Duct
5-4-99 Inside Haole's Head
 5-3-99 Feeling Like Doo-Doo 
5-2-99 Stone Cold Raymond
Like I said, Jennifer Wade's journal is pretty phat.  Feast your eyes and mind on it -- she's smart, funny, and motivated, and her site is one of the most visited journals out there.  She lives in  San Francisco.  I'd like to have her life.  She's one of the popular kids.  Check her out.  Then look at  her journal, heh. Stung is ghetto livin' with his girlfriend somewhere around Downtown LA.  I think he's pretty new to the journalling community, which doesn't stop him from being damn funny.  Visit homeboy -- especially if you're  a studio exec looking for a screenplay.

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- Hostess Muffin Loafs
- Chronic
- Vacations in Hawaii

 ...and Akiyo

- Whatever KROQ plays (I'm screwed with my dead stereo)
- Nothing -- my eyes have glossed over from all the weed
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